WC: The Secret Missions for the Amiga?

Personally I'm interested in the PC side that you were originally working on. It would be interesting to see, edit, and make a new game. At the very least see how the story script worked.
I'll try my best to answer you both here...

I always have been the creative type. That means from a young age I wrote, drew, programmed and edited games all of the time.
Because of this, today I do an awful lot of creative things and I haven't the time I once had.
Currently on my list of things to do are...
Writing 3 scripts
Re-writing a novel I wrote years ago
Writing the WC editor
Editing a short film
Digital illustration for a book.
Creating a website (there's a skeleton of it up now at www.realitygap.net/index2.html) which also involves a lot of creative writing and also time to learn HTML and CSS better than I do.

Add normal things in there like time with my fiancee, friends, reading and general time slouching about and things can move quite slowly. This is mostly because in the past I've not been very good at doing one thing at a time. I tend to flit between projects, like a plate spinner, so progress on one thing can be very slow.

Hopefully this gives you guys an idea of why the editor has stalled like it has. It's not [completely] down to lazyness :)

I'm being strict with myself lately though and the order of work goes...

Get website running
Complete first script
Do the editor.

When I do get back to the editor I will most definitely have a look at porting the secret missions to the amiga, as I too cut my teeth on Amiga WC and was also haunted for years with that secret missions button.

When that is all done, I have promised to make time to finish playing Stand-off and WC:Saga

Hmmm, that felt like it might read like a rant. I hope not, I'm just tired. I'm just trying to explain stuff and I think I'm probably not doing it well.
Well Flashpoint, I really do apreciate yer efforts.
To be honest when I first posted the question/topic I didnt think anything at all would come of it. Now at least there is a tiny bit of hope that something will come of it :)
I got time to wait. :D

Thanks man!