WC:CD Rapier Progress


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I still have to get more of the textures done but I'm looking to get it semi close to the Arena "Rapier Model" Tell me what you think guys. Good or bad.. Comments Questions Concerns. I'm totally getting bad at the modeling biz.

1. One With Fins..



2. One without Fins...



I've updated it quite a bit added engine mounts etc....suttle differences make a difference.. Compare the old ones and the new in the previous post. You'll see the differences. Don't mind the lighting tho it changes in the vision engine.


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Yea at One point I'm pretty much going to redo the textures... I'm not really a huge fan of the grey... But one thing at a time I guess. When it comes to modeling. Yea I got the fin idea which I'll probably scale em down quite a bit to be similar to the Arena "Vangaurd"


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Here's a little more closer to the "Vanguard" minus the updated textures.


Does anyone know how to convert BFXM to 3ds? or BFXM to any other format of model?

Kevin Caccamo

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Well, AFAIK, BFXM is the Vega Strike model format. There should be a program called "mesher.exe" in the VS folder. From there, you can convert BFXM to OBJ.