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Well since this was the name voted for....this is the name given. And through other info and more modeling (Since I did use a Thunderbolt template, and also with keeping with an pre Arena type, post kilrathi war.) I present the HF-66 Thunderbolt Buccaneer. Leave comments and tell me what you guys think as usual. As you can see what kind of guns are on the ship based on the ones that are on the model. And as for those who don't know. The 2 Inner most are Tachyon, the 2 middle are Ion and the outer most are Meson.



This is actually the final modification to the Buccaneer that is going to be used In Game. Which reminds me I have to actually post up the info on the storyline a bit, so you guys don't think that the story is going to be bogus. Also I will be creating a varient of the Cargo type ship that I was working on a number of days ago, as seen here http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?t=23168 at around the 20the post. You'll notice the cargo type containers on it and I still want to get into that one a little more maybe give it much less a military type layout, less guns, more cargo looking.
This is actually the final modification to the Buccaneer that is going to be used In Game. Which reminds me I have to actually post up the info on the storyline a bit, so you guys don't think that the story is going to be bogus.

The Thunderbolt's a fairly large fighter, so the cannon mounts here are probably a little too large/not quite to scale. Gun barrels in WC1 are huge, but by WC3, the guns are smaller and less prominent, usually integrated into the fuselage.

Unless those guns are heavy tachyon, heavy ion, and heavy meson cannons ;)

Is this Thunderbolt going to have a rear turret? I know you said you were still working out how to mount turrets.
Well... I'd definately like a rear turret that's for sure I tried to at least do the rear texture there so that if a turret was placed there I think it's placed by a seperate object that is referenced in the mesh itself, but I could be wrong. In regard to the guns...I'm trying to get aroudn the size of Arena type guns + or - a few. It's really hard judge the scaling after putting the model in the vision engine, but you can see some shots that are on the other thread with vision engine shots. It'll give a better judge on the size of them. The render always looks strange for some reason,....maybe the screenshot size. But yea if anyone knows how todo the read turret thing by all means I'll send you the files.
Alright well although. NOT in OpenGL (after I used the last version with the star enhancement the screenshots come out black) here's a screenshot of the HF-66 Thunderbolt Buccaneer.


P.S: if anyone knows how to work around the OpenGL blackscreenshot it would be greatly appreciated. Especially since this model looks killer at 1600x1200 in OGL. Not 640x480 DirectX
I like how you ended up with this design. It definitely as an Arena type feel that will fit in with what you are trying to do.

Great work.
The wing additions seem to me like they've been salvaged from Bearcats... except aren't Bearcats newer than Thunderbolts? Anyway, the Arena application works well enough - the top things look like missile/torpedo launchers. More explosives is always good. :)

P.S: if anyone knows how to work around the OpenGL blackscreenshot it would be greatly appreciated. Especially since this model looks killer at 1600x1200 in OGL. Not 640x480 DirectX
I don't think this has been implemented yet - I've experienced the same thing myself. There's always HCl's original high resolution patch which will push SO to 1024x768, but it's not that much, I know.
well to be honest I have better screenshots and oh....the turret thing...Yea I was finally able to figure it out.....took about 12 hours total ~~~... With believe me I went through about a box of pencil breaking through pure frustration. But here are some better shots. :D




Also I was able to get the turrets on the Broadsword also which I've included a link to....here >>>> http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?p=350951#post350951

As far as ordinance, I was thinking having an extra amount of missile salvos (Dragonflys, Dumbfires, Mosquitos) that kind of stuff. With regard to handling, speed, etc.. I've been keeping it a little more on the a little faster than the original Tbolt, a little less manuverable, more heavily armed, around the same shields but more armor. Also a few new additions to Secret Ops. Mainly the Meson Gun. And that actually applies to a number of ships. I've visually changed a few things as far as guns are concerned. Oh Btw is the Vampire supposed to look so big? I mean even after I got the Buccaneer to around the right size, the Vampire was still big? Any thoughts?
I want to also give an update. That I've also been working on a "Puffer" ship. Which since (Noone knows what it really looks like) it will be generally based on a phew of the Nephilim ships, with also a basis being that in which is in the S*S manual. But hopefully I'll have some renders up on Monday and work on it over the weekend a bit. Also another ship in which I'll be starting to work on is a cap ship but I haven't really gotten into what it should look like, as in if it should be an existing ship or something I create. Also I'm going to at one point add in those stations I was working on (the Refinary, Perry Navel, etc....) into the Vision engine. I just haven't gotten aroudn to it as of yet. Also generally because I'm not really too sure on what is being used. Especially for Turrets in Arena.. Does the Broadsword have any manned Turrets? or all of them computer comptrolled? Also by the time of Arena what kinda of turret cannons are being used? because I think the Turret gun themselves could use a face lift not only being the general cannon being used (Laser, Mass Driver, Particle, Meson, etc...) but also the general shape of the turret. In the SO and Phophecy time it seemed to mainly be Lasers as turrets. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
I happen to like the big guns- just because guns appear smaller in WC3 doesn't mean that all other ships are universally equipped that way post WC3.
the ship looks great but isn't it allso best to have one with a turret for boming runs and one without so it can be a fighter. Alot like the saber has more the one loadout and with the turret is a little slower then without a turret. anywas it still look like its going to kick some butt.
well to be honest it's actually really simple to get rid of the turret mount,so yea that can be possible... the hard part is mounting the actual turret.
I Worked on the Bucc a little bit more actually am thought on using the salvo texture for this fighter too it just makes it look more realistic. Also the Engine texture has been worked on a bit too....but because I have the guns in place I can't make the engine a little more higher on the poly count... Anyways enjoy.


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Great shots.
The Broadsword had manned turrents as refrenced in several books.
The T-bolt I think was automated, maybe LOAF has a better answer. I do not recall any loadouts for any of the turrented ships that had both with and without. But it does make sense that since you have a new class of T-bolt, you can do what you want. My self personally would rather have more manuverability and less turrents. Although the tractor beam that comes with the turrent could add someplot elements.

Hmm that's pretty interesting Jim...Originally I didn't have a turret on the fighter, I increased the manueverability of the fighter but still it was pretty sluggish, I think I tested it out on one of the SO Missions where there are like 7-10 "Devil Rays" now after fighting these Devil Rays "they really like to tail you" so I added the turret based on the fact that sometimes it's tougher in the heavier more sluggish fighters to keep turning in the fight, So I actually mounted 2 particle cannons on the turret and that helped out a great deal....in not destroying the Devil Rays but keeping them off your back a little bit so that the objective that you have in the cockpit is a lil worry free. It is pretty heavily armed up front, so it's not a problem with taking things out but I'm keeping the fighter in the "Poor/Mediocre" maneuvering abilities catagory although armed to the teeth in moves like an Ox :)

Also in reference to the Turrets on the Broadsword, I have included manned and unmanned turrets....based on the new WC Arena game which I think are "All" automated but....there's no fun in a Broadsword if every turret in unmanned :) , but it does have quite an armament up front (2 Plasma and 2 Tachyons) as referenced in WC Arena, but still slower than "*&%^"