Wanted: High Resolution Picture of the Midway


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Hello guys.

I'm looking for a fan made picture showing the Midway alongside some Panther and Vampire fighters. You can see on the attachement what I mean. It's quiet high resolution, but the version of the picture I'm looking for has an even higher resolution and is not missing parts on the left and the right of the picture. Does anybody know, if that is hosted by the CIC or know where else it can be found (on the internet)? May the version posted with this thread already is the version I'm looking for and I'm just confused. If that is the case, please let me know.

Poster Wing Commander Prophecy Small.png
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Hey, that's no fan art! It's actually the box art for the main blue version of Prophecy when you open the front flap! I don't believe a version with the full 'feet' exists, but we do have a much higher res copy saved thanks to Captain Johnny/Sean Murphy/Mark Vearrier: https://cdn.wcnews.com/newestshots/full/4_page_midway.png

They're different setups, but if you're just looking for high res Midway fan art, there are some good images here:



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I'm actually looking for some motive to print on canvas. The Midway from the first of your links is slightly better then the version I had and seems suitable. It's less blue color inside of it. Those other art pieces are very nice too.