W.C. IV Problems


OK here's how it goes I tried to unistall W.C. IV to re-install it due to some minor glitches but I can never seem to acutally uninstall the damn thing, second if I decide to play it for a while after Maniac and I take off just before the Dogfight to see who the better pilot is it won't load and it says a whole bunch of crap about how it can't load it. I need help I have gone without W.C. IV for two months now it kind of sucks jumping straight from W.C. III to W.C. Prophecy without knowing (Althought I do know) what happend in between. Thank you very much.

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To "uninstall" WC4, you have to manually delete the WC4 directory, regardless of whether you have the W95 patch or not. Just make sure to do the Control Panel uninstall first.