Vote for Maverick


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Yeah, you have to sign up. Right now Blair is at two percent of the vote... But stuff that is more recent is unsuprisingly eating up large portions of the vote such as the guys from drakes fortune and force unleashed...


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I voted for Maverick,

But there are indeed faces I miss, but you can't vote for them.

"In a fight between Blair, Yoshi, Ben the biker, and Kirby, who would win?" :D


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I had an oddball thought of Maverick joining the Smash Bros line-up. o.o

Well, if Solid Snake is there...

And the Victory would make a nice fighting platform. XD


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With the exception of Dirk the Daring and Larry ol'Mav is probably the oldest and less known hero in the book.


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Nice to see Blair in the running! I wish he was higher up in the ranking, but there's no shame in losing to Nathan Drake.

Also, I bet Master Chief is going to win, for some reason. Just a hunch, but a safe one.

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Done! One more for good old Maverick :)

Still, that is quiet a strange mix of heroes - so many true heroes are missing - where is purple tentacle??? ;)


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This is crap - I have to choose between Maverick and Ben. I wish they hadn't thrown him into the mix.


why dont you organize a cool oldskool retro heroes battle here at CIC?
Im sure you guys got better taste for canditates, and you dont have to appeal to 10yo kids, dont have to pick a 2009 one-time-hero, or who-the-hell is this again hero from any of those games-for-retards/marketing-exploits by some of the todays mega gamingcompanies who have bought up all the innovative small companies and only put out crap to appease their investors.

I home this makes sense.:D