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While this may sound out of the ordinary, I would like all your input as to derogatory or nick names to call the following personnel, in the light of 'Nam colliqual to describe enemies. Be creative, and I would most certainly use the winner of this...er...dubious contest in my next piece. Insults could be based on uniform, diet, affiliation, behaviour or lack of such thereof. Thanks all! (Er...I think)

Tanfen Homeguard trooper:
Laifen Highlanders:
Walking Steel:
Porhen Sekuritat Cadre trooper:
Porhen Sekuritat Luftwaffe:
Loyalist Marine:
Porhen Black Jaeger:
Porhen Golden Lion:
Hmmm. Maybe you could provide a brief description of the uniform, badges, equipment and typical behaviour of each of these units. That would make it a lot easier for people to come up with nick-names.

Best, Raptor
First off the top of my head...

Tanfen Homeguard trooper
Standard uniform is a jumpsuit done in khaki and brown. Multiple pockets. Heavy Huey pilot style helmet. Often wears body armour in high security areas. The most numerous of the Corps security personnel Average training. Standard doctrine: Shoot first, shoot often, shoot last. When in doubt, overkill is acceptable. Symbol of Homeguard is a shield bisected with red, green, and blue.

Laifen Highlanders:
Sky grey uniform, and beret. Family Lai personal guard. Weapon of choice is a vibro or shock lance. Emotionless, and cold under fire. Trained as mechanised shock troops. Prefer ranged combat and set piece battles. Incredibly high morale. Very logical and educated. Will weigh pros and cons before committing to a battle.

Walking Steel:
Blue beret and royal blue uniform. Defensive troops and special purpose units. Trained primarily for defense. Family Gan loyal troops. Standard training as combat engineers. Skilled with technology.

Similar HG uniform, without armour. Cynical and pragmatic. Symbol of flying pegasus. Operates in defense of corporate assets and convoys. Good training, indoctrination turns them into implacable enemies. Heavily decentralised command structure leads to flexibility but impedes grand strategic initiatives.

Porhen Sekuritat Cadre trooper:
Cheap, expendable. Trained in the hundreds. Given substandard weapons or demo charges and employ human wave attacks. Those guarding public places given slightly better training. Black and dark grey coveralls. Officers wear slightly better armour and are normally mercenaries called Bravos. Not very highly regarded in the Corp.
Re: First off the top of my head...

Hmmm. Okay, I'll start the ball rolling on the insults. I'm sure others can do better, though. :)

HG trooper: Tan puppet, Jarhead

Highlander: Vulcan, Robot

Steel: Human Shield, Sitting Duck

TASC: Space Force Reject

Cadre: Dog Soldiers, Cannon Fodder, Meat

Best, Raptor
Wow...what stinging retorts!

Thanks Rap. They sound suitably derisive enough that someone on the hostile side of things would love to call them that! Thanks!

TISD: Tanfen Internal Security Division. Lead by Su Yen Ng Lai. Has contacts everywhere. Primary specialty is sigint and humint. Secretive. Symbol is of the High Priestess tarot card cut in half, with the upper half showing and the lower half depicting the words TISD in block gothic script. Has many sub divisions inside. Of which recently are Bewahrer von Geheimnissen, and the various agencies (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Eta, Kappa)

Porhen Sekuritat Luftwaffe: TASCs nemesis. Uses large numbers of post K-war craft to make up for lack of quality. Prefer pack tactics and simplified controls to make up for lack of training. Very hierarchical command structure. Easy to dictate, difficult to lead. Not very well known for survivability, nor discretion.

Loyalist Marine: Superb swordsmen and close combat specialists. Weapon of choice: Archer heavy pistol and regressive blade. Symbol is an ancient anchor tying an archer and regressive blade with chains overlaid over the corporate symbol. Fanatically loyal to their Patron House.

Porhen Black Jaeger: Elite Porhen fighter squadron. Antithesis of Tanfen's Avenger Wing. All fly modified Gladius fighters; no two are exactly alike. Excellent pack tactics and prefer to work in shield trios. One leading, with two backup.

Porhen Golden Lion: House van Housen personal guard. Specially raised for jungle warfare on Meiwan and close combat. Standard colours done in leopard spot black and red. Fearsome, prone to berserker rages. Commonly use a vibro machete.
Re: Wow...what stinging retorts!

TISD: Rent-a-cop, spook, snake-eater

Porhen Sekuritat Luftwaffe: Drone, Krauts (well, if you call yourself the Lufwaffe....)

Loyalist Marine: Leatherneck, Groundpounder

Porhen Black Jaeger: Retros (because of the Galdius), Mongrels, Black Sheep

Porhen Golden Lion: Hmmm, all sorts of vibrator jokes spring to mind. :D

Best, Raptor
There has to be something better than "leatherneck" to insult a marine with, although there dont seem to be many laying around. (Probably since its not that wise to insult a marine?)

Zorro? Don Juan? Dancerboy?Sailor? (with some way to tie in the obvious navy and perhaps homosexual connotations if such is still insulting?)
Oh my..

Thats a really hazardous way of living life. I can hazard all manner of excuses regarding their genetic origins, or their occupation...but nancy boys? I'd better start filling in life insurance forms. I'm going to need it.
Re: Oh my..

That's the whole point of insulting someone in combat. Make them so mad they can't think straight, or shoot straight for that matter. :)

Best, Raptor