Unseen Wing Commander Prophecy Art Revealed! (September 30, 2017)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
New Wing Commander art discovered! David Russ is a Wing Commander veteran who worked on Wing Commanders Prophecy and Secret Ops. His resume credits him as a Senior Graphics Designer responsible for "high NURBS modeling, texturing, lighting and animation for movie quality cinematics" and generating low poly models for the in-game engine." And lucky for us, he has an online gallery that includes work he did back then! Included are some beautiful Stingray images, a render of the luxury liner from Secret Ops and one great mystery: a seeming gameflow screen of a carrier deck that includes a TOBY drone and a Condor. And then there may even be an unseen Nephilim ship design in one of his composite samples!

Original update published on September 30, 2017
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Regarding the 'unseen Nephilim ship', we're looking at the composite image, third from the top on the right side, correct? My first thought was that it was a Squid in 'cruise' mode, or maybe a prototype of that design. Or maybe not. It does look similar to the capital ship missile, but the exhaust points look more like the gun points on the Stingray. Any chance that 'misterhombre' would remember what that design was for?
Y'know, since the original capship missile was some extreme lowpoly (like, not even 20 triangles), my bet it's actually the capship missile. The cockpit-like thingy on the front and general coloration are in place. As for the bulbs, well, they're yellow, not green, and the CM has smth yellow like that on the tips of the lowpoly.
Having a highres would be very good though.
that hangar looks like it might belong to the cruise liner. speaking of, those other renders of the Twilight Purchase give us some more detail, like the amphitheater beneath the round dome. All very neat stuff
I'm not so sure the hangar is specifically for the cruise liner - it seems to contain a TOBY unit and a SAR shuttle.

Still, that's nice observation on the cruise liner. By 'round dome', do you mean the structure just aft of the living decks at the bow? While it does afford higher resolution than what we see in the game, it's still rather low-res by today's standard, so it's hard to see clearly. Of course it wouldn't be open to the vacuum but I could imagine that area being used as some sort of entertainment deck for the passengers. The ship as a whole looks like it took its inspiration from sailing ships, and to me it also loosely resembles the Sydney Opera House.