Trans-Siberian Orchestra


I like this group. His anyone else heard of them? They take famous classical songs and Christmas songs, and beef them up.

They were in Seattle just last week.
Transiberian Orchestra is an absolutely fantastic gorup. I think I first heard them two years ago about this time. Their Christmas albums are great. Of course if I'm not mistaken, its the lead guitar player from Metallica that's strumming that great electric guitar on their Christmas numbers. Obviously my favorite is their version of "Carol of the Bells." Also, Figaro, Beethoven's Fifth, March of Kings are all great numbers.
I saw them last month in Birmingham, AL. Recordings can't do them justice. They're incredible live.

Actually the guitar players of the TSO half that played in Birmingham (The TSO West touring company) are Angus Clark and Al Pitrelli. Al played with Alice Cooper, Asia and Megadeath before TSO. Angus played with Kitaro and a few other projects before signing on while Al was with Megadeath.