Time For More Bible Study (April 21, 2006)

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Here's an exciting update from Joe Garrity: the The Origin Museum has gotten its hands on three Wing Commander Academy production documents! The collection includes the original series bible, a story outline for Recreation and the first draft script for Chain of Command. The series bible is especially interesting because it's very different from the finished series - apparently the original idea was to include all of the Wing Commander III cast (including Rachel, Cobra, Hobbes and others!) and set the show during the events of The Secret Missions 2: Crusade. The document includes lots of neat trivia... and since the museum has made the documents available electronically, you'll have to read through them to find out things like Thrakhath's sister's callsign! You can access all three of the documents and some background information here.

Original update published on April 21, 2006
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Interesting read

Interesting read.

Just went through the series bible. Funny how the original concept evolved. Had they kept Flint, Rachel and Cobra in the series it would've caused some continuity errors, not to mention that Cobra came from a Kilrathi labor camp, not Goddard.

Really, so nice to rekindle the old WCA feelings.
Glad people liked it.

Special thanks for the re-discovery of the 'Chain of Command' doc goes to LeHah. It was *HIS* efforts (and not mine) that recovered this rare manuscript. From what I hear, LeHah tracked down Brooks Wachtel, one of the original writers of WCA, who was kind enough to scan the script for him. It was then decided by him and the CIC that this doc should go with the others from the Museum.

Thanks LeHah--Thanks Brooks!

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And thanks to LOAF for his incredible ability to scan hundreds of pages of documents in no time at all.