Tigers Claw Barracks

Michelle D

I enjoy walking the corridors as much as I do piloting spacecraft so I decided to do some interior modeling. I did a quick search and found that someone else did in fact make a barracks model.
It's very nice, and further inspired me to work on my model.

I used camera mapping to help kick-start the modeling.

First I found, then centered the texture on it's vanishing point using Photoshop.

Next I set up the camera and a cube. I used a cube with it's front face and two sides removed. I applied the camera UV projection to the cube and then moved the cube along the Z axis and adjusted the camera settings till the projected texture height of the wall at the back of the room and the angle of the floor and ceiling lined up with the cubes geometry. I then extruded the edges of the cube to fill the screen from left to right and front to back.

Here are the camera specs if anyone is interested.
0 Y Axis
0 X Axis
0 Z Axis

0* Y Axis
0* X Axis
0* Z Axis

Field of View Angle Horizontal 32
Focal Length (mm) 8.3698
Film Aperture (in) x 0.189 y 0.189
Pict. Ratio 1
Pixel Ration 1

Here are a few images of the progress so far.

Camera Projection + some shading from the Ambient Occlusion + illumination from HDR image applied to the two geometry planes in place of lights.
A bit too dark but that's to be expected when you add shading over a texture with shading on it already.

Just Ambient Occlusion

HDR Lighting

Image Projected Over Geometry, no shading
hah! complete with a bucket. this is looking pretty excellent so far. I look forward to the finished product!
Yay, good to hear from you again, MD.

I'm not an artist, but I do understand a little and appreciate the technical side of what you're doing. I, too, would like to see a final scene. Whatever happened to all the other little projects you were working on? (Like the story about Kilrathi and the Human girl?)

Yeah, that bucket was awesome, really added to the atmosphere. Even if it didn't say much for the Confederation's maintenance skills or ship-board resource conservation. :)
This is looking nice! Now it just needs to be incorporated into the Wing Commander Remake project!!! (well, when it's done...)
So even with Final gathering bouncing 7 times there still wasn't enough light to illuminate the back wall. Since I didn't want to add a light that isn't visible in the scene I decided to extend the existing lights closer to the wall.

I changed the settings on the Ambient Occlusion to give less spread on the shadows.

I added a texture to the wall which raises the question if I should still bother detailing the wall with geometry or just use textures. The UV's for some of the geometry is still warping the texture, but I did clean up the UV's for the area around the lockers and door.

Since you're using a more realistic lighting model than what the artists back in 1990 had, I think it's reasonable to create a better lit environment than to try to recreate the original scene precisely.

The smaller shadows is probably a good thing, though I doubt I would have noticed a difference if you hadn't mentioned it. :)

As I said, I'm not an artist, so I'm not sure what you mean by geometry. If textures do a sufficient job of providing detail, then it may not be necessary to go to extra effort to do more than that.
Since you're using a more realistic lighting model than what the artists back in 1990 had, I think it's reasonable to create a better lit environment than to try to recreate the original scene precisely.
I think if you pause to consider this for a moment, you'll realise that makes no sense :).

When drawing 2d art, there is nothing preventing anyone from using the most realistic lighting imaginable. It really just depends on what is desired. In this case, the shading model was intentionally simplified.
Remember of course that your lighting levels will change once you fully texture all those surfaces & make changes to the surface shaders... (unless you have already pre-tweaked the surfaces i.e. metal/fabric/floor tiles etc... But I'm gathering by all the grey that you're using default shader settings)

In any case I suppose it won't make a huge change to the levels. This is where you need that elusive 'make better' button eh?

Also you got to wonder what other lightsources might have been behind the picture plane... I still reckon it's looking pretty wicked nonetheless!

EDIT: Also, geometry detail ftw! You're not rendering real-time, you don't need no texture tricks. Leave that to the game engine peoples!
...you'll realise that makes no sense.
Oh well, I was writing in the early hours of the morning...

I think all I was trying to say was that there's no reason to hold back on modifying the lights, even if the intention is to try to replicate the original artwork in 3D.
Another quick Update

I mirrored the room so that more beds exist on the other side of the camera. There is a beam splitting the two rooms which cuts the image horizontally where the black line in the original image originally was, this helps add more surfaces to bounce light off of and gives more light overall since the lights were also mirrored behind the camera. I'm happy with the level of illumination and now the Status readout panel is a bit brighter.
Well enough of the Pan and Scan Full screen Version here is what you've been missing... Widescreen!

I was hoping to explain the leak a little more so I added the pipe. :D

One of the cables needs to be redone, other then that I had to up the FG bounces to 8 after I added in the open panels in the ceiling. Render Times are making me :(
Quick question without me needing to install wing commander again

Does the door on the far right lead to the bar?
I believe the door on the right leads to the briefing room, whereas the door on the left brings you back to the bar. Of course, that's the airlock next to the lockers.
Okay thanks, I'm trying to connect all three rooms; Briefing, Barracks, and Bar.

Oh another issue that came up

Scale :D

I tried to make the men the size of the doors at least high enough to peek through the glass, then when I moved one man to the bed it was way too short for him.
Fortunately the bucket was to scale, but now that I've increased the bed length the bucket is hidden.

Thankfully the wide screen format helps show the beds completely and also now the beds fill up the room better.

Should I move the bucket? I feel I'm going astray with all these tweaks.
Heh, wow. Good work with the scaling, I probably wouldn't have noticed that without the stand-ins as reference.

Scale for this one is a nightmare... but it may be due to the fact I used the same camera and floor as a starting point, but I didn't think it would be a problem because the horizon on both images were aligned.

Thanks to Poser's "Simon G2" I can get things moving again. He's a bit taller then the person i used in the barracks model, I may have to go back and tweak some things there as well.

Assuming Simon is a even 6' The bar top now sits in at 42" high