The real names of Spirit and Vagabond...


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I recently went through the manuals and found some problems.

First, Spirit's real name is pronounced TANAKA Mariko, but the name is written differently in kanji in the Super Famicom Wing Commander manual and the 3DO version of Super Wing Commander manual. In the SFC version manual her given name is 真璃子 while in the 3DO version that is 真理子.

Second question, is there an official Chinese version for Vagabond's family name? Vagabond's real name is Winston CHANG, and there are at least three family names that can be pronounced CHANG: 張 (most common), 章, 常.

Are there official verdicts on these two issues? Or are there other clues? Thanks so much!

P.S. Bossman's real name is 陳乾 in the Super Famicom Wing Commander manual. In the 3DO version manual, his real name is written in pronunciation. So maybe no question here.
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