superbowl 37

I wasn't really too impressed with this years commercials. The T3 trailer was good, because it showed us some T-800s in action, and I did enjoy the one with the monkies. Because monkies are always cool :D
I thought I couldn't drink any more beer by the time the game started. I was down to 3 beers in my 12 pack of Harpoon and laying across the couch like some kind of real-life Andy Capp.

That T3 trailer reminded me that my body is made of mostly water. I soon changed that by drinking myself into a stupor to forget I saw that peice of crap.

I'd swill the shit from a drunk's ass to make that movie disappear.
I didn't actually get to see the game, because my roommate was alternating watching MTV and Oxygen, but I get the feeling I didn't miss much.

This game was like watching an animal die slowly... I have pity for the Raiders... They were playing so horrible. 5 interceptions... gah! Horrendous...