Super Wing Commander


I bought the Sega CD version of Wing Commander because I heard that all the characters in it had voice acting, but then I started to wonder if the Sega CD version had the two expansion packs. Does it? Also what is this Super Wing Commander in the files section? Any info would be appreciated.

-Ryan P. Fialcowitz
Sadly, Secret Missions 1 + 2 were never released for Sega CD. I really liked the Sega CD version of the game. Very similar gameplay to SNES, and the voice acting is pretty cool, although not excactly Oscar-performance. If memory serves, the Sega CD version also has a couple of different animations too.

Super Wing Commander was a retooled version of the game that was released for Mac OS and 3DO. It basically featured the same story as the original Wing Commander, plus some of Secret Missions 1 IIRC, but with completely different graphics. Different looking ships, characters, everything.
indeed, i have SWC on my 3DO (unlucky, i bought it 2nd handed at the time. Very scratchy disc)

the SM parts are roughly halfway the game i believe. and it has some animations (only pops in my mind is when you finish the game)