Super Wing Commander played with the 3DO Flightstick Pro (video)



The unfortunate thing is, this game was just not well designed for the flightstick pro. They still make you mess with multiple button combinations, which is actually harder than the standard 3do pad since the buttons are spread out even farther on the flight stick. They don't even bother to take a real advantage of the throttle wheel or the hat switch. And the analog stick itself doesn't offer much benefit as the movement is very stiff and two dimensional.

The game just seem overly designed for the regular 3do dpad, the auto aim they give you with the regular pad is also a big help. Kinda interesting to play but could be better.

Wing Commander 3 fares a bit better on this stick but not by much. Once again you still have to rely on ridiculous button combinations that were just much easier on the regular 3do pad with all the buttons close together.

Either way, hope you enjoy the vid.


I guess I'm a fanatic. I recently bought a 3DO FZ-10 as well as an NOS 3DO flightstick so I could play Super Wing Commander. I have to agree that the button combos are a bit frustrating, and I'm disappointed that they didn't use the throttle wheel. However, once I got used to the sticks range of motion, and learned some of the button combos, I really liked the game.

I still feel that the PC version of WC1 and SM1 &2 is the best, but I feel Super WC on the 3do is worthwhile once you get used to it. Are there any other Wing Nuts who enjoy SWC on the 3DO?


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Loved it on the Mac, does that count? Currently playing the game on the 3D0 Emulator since Sheepshaver does not run the game properly as discussed elsewhere in the forums...


I did fine on the gamepad. Had some experience doing digital flight on the SNES. WC, Warpspeed, Lock-On, etc.

I'm rather impressed the console has stood the test of time rather well. Even after all the use and long hiatus the Florida weather has yet to harm it. My last save before I brought it back out last October was from 1997. The integrated circuit storing save data on the board has preserved all my old data. It's a resilient little system.

Still have yet to beat Shockwave. My god the FMV acting was horrid but almost believable.


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Haha ah shockwave, such fond memories. I had the mac port of 1 (which included beyond the gate) and 2 (I guess they ported a lot of 3do games to early macs) The acting was wonderfully bad. It was fun game. SW2 I never could beat..

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3DO to pre-Intel Mac was always an easy conversion, since you developed 3DO titles on a special Mac. And on the business side, Mac games made no money so no one bothered to negotiate against developing them like they might with a PC port.

I find the stick very natural in Wing Commander 3 3DO, but not very intuitive for SWC.


My small collection of surviving 3DO paraphernalia:


I find myself coming back to Road Rash a lot. Makes good couch entertainment even when you're not driving. The incredible flying (read: crashing) rider always elicits a chorus of ow's and ooo's. The FMVs are rather hilarious depictions of victory, failure, wrecking out, and getting busted by the stereotypically named biker cops.

I hadn't considered getting the stick with the one title that could use it at all.