Super Famicom Wc1 Giveaway!

Six-Gun Slim

Rear Admiral
I am once again in the process of clearing out some of my things, and I have a copy Wing Commander for the Super Famicom in its original box from some time ago. I've never played it or really done more than marvel at the awesome box art and manual, but rather than try to sell it for a pittance on ebay I figured someone here would be interested in it.
I'm offering it for free to anyone who wants it at the cost of shipping via Paypal; no other strings attached other than priority will likely be to someone who can actually play it.



I could certainly play it if it's not already gone - indie games dev in Japan, there is a super famicon or two around the office. That said if the postage cost to Japan is high it probably doesn't make sense to send it all the way back here.


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
I'll certainly step back to let it go to Pedro then. Shipping to Austria would be quite expensive and for me it would only be for display purposes as I don't have the necessary hardware.