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Howdy folks,
I'm at that unfortunate point in life where my Netflix queue is entirely empty--so I'll give any recommendations a shot.


yeah, ok- I don't have any recommendations for you but I do have a question about
It was just released in Canada and I joined up two weeks ago.

Q. Do you have the Wing Commander movie available on your account?

...because I don't. Nothing of anything that is Wing Commander. or StarTrek. or StarWars.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Netflix is a little different in the US. In Canada you stream everything online, so you only have the movies and TV shows they've made deals for.

In the US there's also a "snail mail" aspect that you get alongside the streaming. Netflix mails you a DVD and you watch it and send it back--and they don't need to work out a deal with a studio for that, the just buy the DVDs like a normal person.

So I can get Wing Commander or Star Wars sent on DVD but not streamed on my Xbox.


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I believe an appropriate question would ask what types of movies you like and what you've seen already. There are the Miyazaki animated movies to give a start and Kung Fu Panda if you're in the mood for some goofiness. I just read your comment about streaming, so check to see if Fantastic Mr. Fox is available. If you like that stop-motion animation, Wallace & Gromit are recommended. If you're up for a sci-fi movie, check out Moon.


Oh lets see... off the top of my head.

Boondock Saints (both of them)
Solomon Kane
Tears of the Sun
Mad Max (all of them)
The Thin Man (all of them)
The Fugitive (and its sequel U.S. Marshals)
Battle Royale
The Closet (French)
The Visitors (French)


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Oh lets see... off the top of my head.

Boondock Saints (both of them)

The first one is great. Absolutely love it...The second one is one of the worst movie I've ever seen. You can tell the actors didn't care at all and the dialogue is painful.


Well, the 2nd Boondock Saints movie isn't the greatest. But a few of the lines are just funny.

And yes they made a Solomon Kane movie that just kind of went under the radar. (I think Avatar was released around the same time)


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Some suggestions...

The Duellists - first movie by Ridley Scott, adaptation of Joseph Conrad novel (itself based on real events) about two french officers duelling through all napoleonic wars
Task Force - 1949 movie with Garry Cooper, fictional account of development of US carrier tactics (I believe I've seen it available online somewhere)
A Very Long Engagement (Un long dimanche de fiançailles) - Audrey Tatou tries to find out what happened to her fiance in the trenches of the Western Front
Wild Target - I've watched this recently - british black comedy about middle-aged hitman who has second thoughts when he is contracted to kill young con artist
Layer Cake - Daniel Craig plays drug dealer and producer whose world suddenly unravels (some say that this role landed him a job as new 007)
The Bank Job - fictional account of 1971 London bank robbery
State of Play - Russel Crowe plays investigative journalist (the movie is good, but original british tv mini series is much, much better).

And if you like to watch really, really bad movies (and know polish or russian) there is Klatwa Doliny Wezy (Curse of Snakes Valley) - polish-soviet response to Indiana Jones. Here is the most infamous scene (with russian dubbing and english subtitles), and here is part one of the movie (in polish, all parts are available on youtube).


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Well here's my 2 cents:
The Tick The Complete Series (not the animated one)
Greased Lightning (With Richard Pryor, might only be streamed)
Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation (great concert film done by PBS I think)
Once A Thief (John Woo\Chow Yun Fat version)
Red Cliff (theatrical cut is dubbed but the International version is better)
Something The Lord Made
The Children Of Huang Shi
Time After Time
Shaolin Soccer
Pan's Labyrinth
The Devil's Backbone
Tom Wilson Bigger Than You (had to get a call out to Maniac;) )

Anyway, there's my list for ya, these are the titles that really made me glad I got a Netflix subscription so I I think you might like them all.


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Are we not restricting this at all? OK!

Paranormal Activity
Excorcism of Emily Rose
National Treasure (1)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Star Trek Generations
Bucket List
Sherlock Holmes
Iron Man 2 (Worth a look)


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Don't worry, you're not missing much, unfortunately.

I'd have to disagree. The first two-thirds is quality Howard type action, the climax is clunky. Still, James Purefoy is spot on everyone's favorite Puritan monster killer./

LOAF, both seasons of Amazing Stories is on the Instant Queue until the 8th. I've banged out half of them in the last couple months (most are pretty awful). And theres SeaQuest Season 3... Cool Hand Luke... Firefox (the one about the plane! not the Jolie movie)... The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad... all those (awful, awful) seasons of Highlander... Krull... Dog Day Afternoon...


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
I think LOAF is ahead of the curve when it comes to MST3k ;)


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If you like MST3K you can also get The Film Crew and Rifftrax DVDs which is the same group - Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. No Trace or Frank though.
The Rifftrax discs are the old shows Legend Films has in their catalog, with the riffs already synched. The Film Crew stuff is more like MST with little skits and bits interspersed during the show.