Star Trek/Star Wars/Space Movies and their futures?

What is your favorite current space shows/movies?

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Is space on the way out? Star Wars has finished its episodes. Star Trek seems to be on the way out (at least for the moment). Stargate SG-1 changed some characters (all-famous O'Neil). Is space shows kicking it up or kicking it out? SG-1 and Atlantis seem to be doing well. How will the movie Serenity do?

Questions/Answer/ or anything about them please post.


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Well, sci-fi as a standard only drew very limited crowds...

only hyped films, like star wars, made it, and star trek always had a great
promotion for every film...

however you do not need a good story for a movie these days, you need
big and expensive names, and lots of cool one-liners...

Tv-series would be more the way to go for sci-fi these days...


I'm interested to see Serenity when it comes out. It feels weird now that the Star Wars saga is complete.


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I've always liked space shows. Serenity looks neat, but I'll reserve judgement 'till I see it. I have a soft spot for sci-fi and usualy end up watching just about anything in the genre.

It wasn't really a space show but I went and saw the Island yesterday. I kinda enjoyed it.

However, by the end, the film wastes some of the more intriguing possibilities and it was really annoying how every 45 minutes you would get interupted by 20 minutes of car chases ( I like action... It just seemed like those scenes were in the wrong movie)

Aplha 1-1

Yeah the original battlestar galactica was pretty good for its day. Shame about Enterprise though, just as it looked like it was getting better CANCELLED. And what's this, no WCA option? :p


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Eh, Sci-Fi went through a similar moment before the advent of Star Wars. Before Lucas stepped in, it was all electronica and Orwellian futures with Soylent Green, Planet Of The Apes or Logan's Run.


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Well, besides the Dune novels, Star Trek was always my all time favorite sci-fi series. I was just kind of raised on it. I related to it. I've always loved the characters and the interaction between them. And I liked more the way battles were conducted with much larger ships as opposed to smaller personal craft. I don't know what lies ahead for Star Trek. But I'm quite content watching reruns of TNG and DS9. As well as all the movies.

I don't know of this Serenity movie. And the series of Stargate never appealed to me much. Liked the movie though.


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Well from my understanding of the poll question it was favorite current sci-fi shows.

If we are talking favorite ever sci-fi show my vote would go to star trek.

Present day however, im really enjoying the new BSG.


The story is pretty good (soem friends think that there is some parallelim with Moses and the Jews going th the promised land).

I enjoy it and surprisingly my wife too, she doesn't like Sci-Fi too much


There certainly is an intentional biblical parallel in BSG, especially in the original series. IIRC, the author of the original BSG was a Mormon, and various aspects of the show (the scattering and gathering of "tribes," the name of the planet Kobol as a variation of the word Kolob which plays a role in some Mormon scripture, the idea of being married for eternity as shown in one epsiode of the original BSG, a counsel of 12, etc...) are based on concepts from Mormon theology and religious structure.

Kind of interesting, wouldn't you say? I believe the works of Orson Scott Card also borrow heavily from Mormon ideas and mirror some Mormon stories. I guess it makes for good sci-fi.

Anyways, I feel certain that sci-fi as a genre will survive. It's just a matter of what will capture the imagination of a larger crowd again.
Well I for one enjoyed the original BSG better than the new one. For me its more about my moral attitudes to the shows that is what gets me. (EX. Cylon woman in the head and those interactions). I am a fan for just about every scifi.


i recently watched the new bsg pilot. they really made a show out of it?(note: germany is always ages behind on that stuff-sg1 season 8 started last week)

i heard a lot of good things about serenityx and firefly(they're making a movie of it right?) but haven't seen any of it.

as for sw, i never really liked the new eps(epI was a total waste of time and resources if you ask me) and since there won't be any more movies.

star trek...enterprise got canned afaik(first st show ever to get canned, right?) don't know if they're making a new show (and when it will be set)

if bsg is really on again, that is where my money is.other then that, sg is pretty much unrivalled right now


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Chevieblazer said:
star trek...enterprise got canned afaik(first st show ever to get canned, right?)

Wrong... The original series was cancelled after three (?) seasons.