Standoff Chapter Four Now Available

Dragon1 said:
Just one quick question. Where do the Kilrathi fighters launch from on the Snakier-class CV? Are they the two vent/bay looking thingies on the left and right side of the ship?
Yeah, the launchers are supposed to be the two weird-shaped things on either side of the bridge. I even painted a blast door texture on them to try to get the message across. :p

Spertallica said:
Hey, I was impressed by the last mission on Ep. 2's losing path- I didn't know it was possible for capships to damage each other in the vision engine!
Told ya that mission was worth trying out. :p
I do have one minor criticism - the Torpedo Run music only plays when you have the Pirate Base targeted in Episode 1 and nowhere else, and the middle of it's gone :( (It was one of the better moments for me in that game, the bomb run coinciding with the music ...)

*Goes back to trying to beat it - and lose Ep. 2 ...*
ZekeS said:
I do have one minor criticism - the Torpedo Run music only plays when you have the Pirate Base targeted in Episode 1 and nowhere else, and the middle of it's gone :( (It was one of the better moments for me in that game, the bomb run coinciding with the music ...)
It's not gone (well, it is in episode 3, I guess), but it's only played when you're all alone with an enemy capship, with no enemy fighters. You'd undoubtedly hear it a lot more if it actually played during any torpedo run, but that's beyond our power.
I feel the need to respond to the criticisms regarding the voice acting in Standoff. Personally I think it's great. You guys have done a wonderful job and the more I play the more I grow to like Bradshaw, Spoons, Squealor, and Sparrow. In fact I find the scene where Bradshaw chews out Cougar to be genuinely moving - "Where is your wife Cougar? On Concordia? Saratoga? On the ground in Warsaw maybe...?". That emotion I felt is contributed to the voice acting and the -superb- script you guys have set up. And I can't even begin to tell you about my numerous favorite in-flight exchanges (though I could if you asked, I love talking about WC). The animation of the characters looks a bit funny but I could care less about that. Plus I figure it's just a thing with Secret Ops.

I love Standoff guys. I just finished playing Wing Commander II a few days ago and was wondering "Now what do I do?" because I don't yet own WC3. And then I thought "Ah, Standoff is the next game in chronological order. I'll play that." And boy is it great. I've been reading along in Fleet Action while I play. I'm eagerly anticipating the next two chapters, which I presume will take place in Sirius and Sol.

My favorite mission thus far is the large strike mission on the Ralatha and Snakeir during Warsaw. I love the atmosphere in that mission, the way it feels to be working in such a large force. Escorting the Broadswords in with the Rapier, watching the swarm of Kilrathi fighters, then being forced to retreat due to the fierce resistance... it's just a wonderful mission. I've been playing it over and over trying to beat it but no luck yet. After playing I like to read the segments of Fleet Action during Sirius when Kevin Tolwyn finds himself in almost exactly the same predicament.

I hope to see more strike missions like that in the next two episodes. And I look forward to seeing one of the supercarriers up close. Hopefully I'll be able to down one. :)
What everyone else said

I know everyones said it, but standoff is just brilliant, how it brings old skool wing commander back in 3d graphics, the models are great and the battles are intense as f**k, but taking on all those gothri in a stilletto was a bit tough, i like to attack ships from the back but the aft gun turret kept on tearing straight though my shields and spoiling my beautiful armour display.

I personally like the wraith when it comes to the gauntlets, the maneauverability is excellent and I've even got my older brother into it (who particularly likes to do a "Han Solo" maneuvre through fifteen kilrathi fighters, killing as many as he can, and the lucky sod gets away with no damage most of the time).

The game is vastly superior to Unknown Enemy but I wouldnt mind seeing another episode of that, I want to know where the dauntless pilots get reassigned (the Princeton perhaps) I'd even ask if there were any parts requiring a voice actor.

I dont think the standoff team got my last email message.
But anyways, great mod people
I don't agree with those who criticize Bradshaw's voice acting. I liked the change and felt it was really authentic, especially when he loses his temper on Squealer in Ep. I could feel his emotions - he was as legit as any main character
The name of the thread has been updated to reflect Ep 4's release... without any changes whatsoever to the thread's content, as per Standoff tradition. :p

Here's our official website update for the release:
Well, things were looking real nervous there for a while, but we made it - Episode 4 is out at last. As always, you can download the game from the Wing Commander CIC, or from and as always, will only become available in a few hours, since I have to get them to upload the new file first :-P.

Episode 4 is definitely the biggest, most challenging - and by far the most troublesome - episode we've done so far. Hopefully you'll enjoy it ;-). This release also adds scoreboard functionality to two more simulator missions - that's missions 9 and 10 - for the remaining six missions, stay tuned for Episode 5 :-P.

As always, we've released the current episode in two versions. If you've already got Episodes 1-3, you'll want to download the Episode 4 package, which takes up 82 MB. And if you've missed out on any of the previous episodes, you should download the Episodes 1-4 package. Naturally, the latter package is just a tad bigger, weighing in at 270 MB - for this reason, it will only be up about one or two hours from now.

So head on over to right now!
Ep4! *plays for 2 hours*





It's going to take me more than a few tries this time...

but in any event, outstanding. Just outstanding.

Thanks, guys :D
Anyways I'm happy with the big improvements.

Thanks to Standoff, getting my ass kicked by Kilrathi has neven been so fun.
I love the wc3 music and feel with wc2 ships, and the backgrounds aren't half bad either! ;)
The kilrathi really are a far better enemy than the bugs.

Thats truly impressive, congrats.
That is awesome, we're all flattered.. your repair bay looks more WC2ish than ours! :p

(And it actually looks like our repair deck layout from one of our Ep 2 cutscenes...?)
Yes it was from a screenshot of concordia bridge, but i did not do it extremely realistic. And I didn't find a good view of the lower part of the vessel, i have do a little anything^^
difficulty too hard for newbies

Flying with Standoff since 1st episode, I found it everytime too hard in difficulty. Ok, thats because of the few missions you could do with a divided path, but every single mission in every wing commander game was easier (exaggeration;). But, to find new wc-lovers it is important to make dogfights possible with keyboard (the actual model is perfect - to fight this inner mission structure is not). Of course, to make shorter and easier missions could cut much of the atmosphere. BUT did you think a single moment of those who don`t have a a joystick (I have)?

Said short:

- too hard to achieve certain points in the mission structure (remember, nowadays you can play through wc1 within 1 day).

- think also of people without a stick (almost impossible reachments with keyboard)

- sorry for not registering (forgot my pw)

- thanks for the new graphics

- ep4 is a great enhancement: please play the former episodes again.

You need to think of the context that Standoff is happening in. It is immediately following the False Armistice when Confed completely geared down its military. Confed is on the ropes against a kilrathi military machine that never stopped gearing up.

Our back is against the wall and the kats are pushing hard. All these missions should be hard to complete (although I'm curious what difficultly you are playing on) as it would have been for any Confed pilot in this timeframe.

I also find this mod to be extremely playable and although difficult, it is extremely satisfying to fully complete a mission because you definitely know you've earned it. I logged quite a few play throughs while testing this Ep4 and the only time I found it to be unplayable was when I tried some of the campaign on Nightmare, and even then they weren't really unplayable, I just wasn't good enough to survive :)