Spanish Mag Considers WC2 A-OK (August 2, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Today we've got another fun vintage magazine scan submitted by Maxi de Sokar. It's a Spanish publication, OK PC, that highlights the DROSoft translation of Wing Commander 2 and Special Operations 1&2. Right off the bat, there's a glaring mistake. The box art on the second page is obviously a combo pack for Secret Missions 1&2, and if my translation is correct, there's nothing in the text that references these games. It's just the art they chose. After thirty years I can excuse the error - rather, I appreciate these kinds of finds like a coin collector might value mis-printed money. The screenshots are just as gorgeous as ever, and seeing these takes me back to when you might have flipped through these in print back in the '90s and been dazzled by the cutting edge graphics. This is a very cool find!

Original update published on August 2, 2022