Space Combat Game Soars to Life with Starlight Inception

Hi - this is Melissa, VP of Escape Hatch Entertainment. We are making a new space combat game called Starlight Inception. At the helm is 20 year industry veteran Garry Gaber (Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds). Garry will be visiting the forum to discuss some special opportunities for the Wing Commander modding community. We would love to include you all in relation to contributing art/design/feedback/beta testing for Starlight Inception. Also please check out our campaign on Kickstarter:

Stay tuned and we would love to hear from you!
Hey, it's great to have you! Thanks for taking the time to visit our community!

Space combat games in the Wing Commander style are few and far between these days, so it's wonderful to see people trying to breathe new life into the genre. I've already donated $65 for your game. I can't wait to give it a shot!
Hi Arjak - Thank you so much for pledge to Starlight Inception. Your generosity will help to make our project a reality and get an awesome space combat game out there for fans to enjoy! - Melissa, VP EHE
Hey guys, I've noticed this project pledging time will be ending soon (in 11:47PM EDT) which is about 11 more hours. I wonder if any Wingnuts out there is interested to support this game.

I'm so glad this is over so their damn PR person can stop getting people to e-mail us and post about it at our forums.