Space:Above and Beyond


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Hello, i don't know if this series have been discussed before. When it first aired in my country (In Fox Channel) i started to watch it right away, and then it was cancelled real soon. Was it cancelled for lack of audience or was it something else?
Anyway, i really liked the planes (they were called Hammerhead, if i remember correctly), and it seemed like a really good series.
Anybody knows what happened?


I loved Space Above and Beyond when it was on. Now I have the entire series on DVD.

But what eventually happened was that the show was canceled. Wang was killed, Vansen and Damphouse lost on an unknown planet. West and Hawkes made it back to the ship and had replacements assigned just before the last episode ended.

The planes were listed as SA-43 Hammerhead Endo/Exo fighters.


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There a fairly old topic talking about Space Above and Beyond and somewhere in it there is a link to a site with specs of the ships if you're interested.


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I can't give you a link, but I remember reading something about the series getting canned for costing too much due to the cutting edge (at the time) CGI.
Shame really, I enjoyed it.

Its worth noting that the 58th successfully recovered the Prisoners taken by the chigs, as that concluded Nathans story arc (rescuing his Girlfriend)
Colonel McQueen was severley injured in a bomb plot (similar to the one out of Fleet Action) in which the Chig Ambasador wiped out several high ranking members of Earth Space Forces

You could probably find the series plot online somewhere, I would look, but it is nearly midnight here and I have work tomorrow