So, who's a cat person.


Clearly the best place to ask this. After obliterating a Kilrathi planet full of furry wonders, I ask whom here are cat lovers?

Personally I have two cats, Angel and Alley, both tabis. Angel is far too nice to start an interstellar war, however, I am sure Alley has some sort of plan for world domination...


Sorry for the double post, apparently edits don't allow for attatchements.

Either that or im crazy.

Alley on top, Angel on the bottom, no pun intended, they're both neutered or spayed.


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I got the same model cat...

Cats love sitting in those windows :)

One of mine looks almost the same as yours the white ones snow flake and the one thats the same pattern as yours is sunshine. Both female and spayed their littermates and the only two born from their mother that year. SnowFlake died about three weeks ago very suddenly. Her sister sunshine is fine.

A lady my girlfriend works with was driving down the road. She thought she saw some one infront of her throw a couple of pieces of paper out the window of their truck. She slowed down to take a look at what it was come to find out it was two kittens not even a month old. One was dead on the spot the other was pretty banged up. Well we ended up adopting the live one(The other making no sense :confused: ) Shes been a handful. My girlfriend has named her princess she is entirly white with one blue eye and one green its pretty wicked looking. Unfortunatly I can't post a pic as my brother has my camera. We have dogs also but thats a different story...


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Here's my cat, Chloe. She's a Maine Coon.


(Plastic baggie of CIC pens in the lower right corner.)


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I'll have to see if I can get my cat to come out from hiding long enough to get a pic. One of my neighbors says she looks like a Russian Blue. I wouldn't know though, given we found her in our tree when she was a kitten.


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My cat's name is Leoloki. Don't have a picture of him cause he hates cameras. Runs everytime he sees the thing.


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I used to own two cats years ago, Elektra and Cer. Elektra, after the anime character. (She was the shy, passive one) and Cer (Obscure mythological god of violent death, IIRC); she was the agrresive one. Both were kinda crazy on their own; but together, they were cause for some laughs and headaches.

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PopsiclePete said:
Call me silly, but I somehow expected that you'd have named your cat with a Kilrathi name :p

Hehe, yeah. She's actually named after the character from Chloe in the Afternoon.


I love cats. We always had at least one when I was growing up.

We had two of them - Tiger and Joan - until just a few years ago. They died within months of each other back in 2004.

I miss having a cat around. I think this is probably the longest we've ever gone without having one.


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My girlfriend's family at one point had (IIRC) 7 cats. Something like 5 now. They all had/have fun names with serious thought put into them. Example: Snowflake Obsidian (unfortunately, "Sid" had to go to the shelter as she wasn't adjusting well).

My dad has a cat named Cassie who could eat my mum's Yorkshire Terrier for lunch and be hungry for more.

I love cats, but I'm a terrible person to leave in charge of animals. When I live on my own, my pets will be whatever comes over and eats the food I put out to attract things.