Okay: HELP
episode 3, mission 1, your suppost to protect shy medows and company in a wasp.
all sudden as soon as it shows little image of cerberus jumping in, it instatly says mission failed, and 2 of 3 ships blow up before i can even move my fighter, third blows up just as i get control (screams from them anyway there all labled as dead on radar as soon as i get controll of fighter) anyway point is HDH do i fix this: i also noticed i seemed to :skip: the defend ella starbase mission, even though up the shy medows mess up i compleated each mission perfectly



You could try useing someone elses savegame and history files to get passed that. Of course there could be problems with that too. For instance you'd be flying under some elses name.


i usualy complete it.. but i usualy fail mission where your supost to wax the three bombers before they goto ella station .. just relized wasn't till i started winning that mission that transports blew up so even though it sounds insane im going to try losing ella starbase thing and seeing if that helps any.. i hope so because i just restarted and once AGain trasnports blow up right away


The mission where you have to waste those three Manta Bombers was always a pain simply because the Manta is faster than the Shrike and if it gets ahead of you it's impossible to catch up...
I first noticed the problem with Ep3 M1 about the third time I played the game through. Each time it became more difficult to save the transports until eventually they just blew up before the mission started properly (distress call then boom...)
As I said in the last post, the only thing that worked for me was completly deleting SO (inc. *History files and all save games*) and then reinstalling a clean version. I didn't have any problems after that (for a while), but if it doesn't work for you I am completely stumped.
I don't know if losing Ella will help but you might as well try it.

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