SM1 and SM2 in WCKS


So I have the Kilrathi Saga and I am trying to run it on Windows XP SP3. I downloaded the SM/SO packs and can get the following games to work: WC, WC2/SO1/SO2, and WC3. However, when I try to run SM1 and SM2 they crash. I get as far as the intro screen where the hornet blasts the dralthi and then for a split second I see "Start Secret Missions" before the screen goes black.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and is there a solution? The Secret Missions is probably my favorite part of the whole series because they are so challenging, especially SM2 where you fly the Dralthi.
I think there is a fix for this. I *think* the last time I installed it I had to do a fix.
Hold on, I'll have a gander
Hmmmm, I can't find anything at the mo. It may have been something as simple as changing the files compatibility settings to win95.
Am pretty sure that that is indeed the case, a matter of fiddling the compatability settings to win9x and 256 colour (that one seems to matter more).
Thanks for the help, guys. That was exactly what I needed. I put them all in Win98 compatibility and it worked like a charm, although the sound is a bit skippy in parts.