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Mr Kat says...
Howdy all,

Basically, I was reminded of two promising fan animations from 1999 in a thread here a few months ago and am hoping that a Wingnut out there still has the original files on their PC, as the hosts/links for these files are either broken or no longer exist, and is able to restore them to the community and the CIC. I tried to contact the respective authors a few weeks back to see if they still had any of the files, but have yet to receive a response.

Hopefully these and any other "lost" digital Wing Commander creations from the earlier CIC period can be found and restored to the CIC before it's too late! If you're interested in more background info; read on, otherwise scroll down to the animation thumbnails further below to download a near-complete, but very poor quality, clip of each.



Developments in another thread a few months back reminded me of two particular fan animated/rendered sequences released in 1999. While I recall having the two files on my PC in the months following their release, over the years and through various system upgrades they were evidently not transferred to my local WC directory and it appears as though the original links are dead, while the files are also not archived at the CIC or were, but no longer appear to be on the server.

The two animations in question are Asteroid Navigation by Evan Adnams (Hadrian) and Wing Commander Incursion 3D Promo 1 (the numbering would suggest other Incursion promos were released) by Korax and B.Radius. I attempted to contact both Hadrian and Korax at their last known e-mail addresses a couple of weeks ago to ascertain whether or not they still had access to their original files and any other related, but unreleased sequences. I have yet to receive a response, most likely (I assume) due to the e-mail accounts no longer being used.

The Asteroid Navigation sequence was released on August 10th, 1999 as an MPEG file (aiw.mpg) of unspecified size, but presumably in the 5-15MB range and was referenced in these two updates: #1294 & #1326, the latter of which mentions an accompanying 1.2MB (dwarf.mpg) clip featuring a Sartha that was mirrored on the CIC here, but no longer appears to be on the server.

The Wing Commander Incursion 3D Promo was released on May 30th, 1999 as an AVI file (arrow.avi) mirrored at the CIC, but also no longer on the server it would seem. The Incursion project was mentioned quite a few times (a search for "Korax" on the CIC homepage produces 9 related updates) including updates #946 and #1398, which mentions a 7MB AVI trailer (


Firstly, apologies for the very poor quality of these incomplete clips -- they were originally recorded way back in late '99 on VHS in a manner not unbecoming a dodgy pirate outfit by literally sitting a video camera on a tripod and pointing it at the computer screen for a crazy, little, Wing Commander compilation tape I was putting together in my free time -- look out for a little red dot in the lower-middle half of the videos, which was the camera's recording light indicator reflecting in the PC monitor!

Of course the VHS tape has seen a lot of rewinds in it's time and has further degraded over time, so that and the tinny speakers and small, camera microphone have made for a very poor encoding . One hopes that there is at least one person out there with the original files, as it would be a shame to have to archive these VHS encodings as the only remaining version.

Asteroid Navigation by Evan Adnams (Hadrian)


Download (1m:27s / 9.77MB XviD)

Wing Commander Incursion 3D Promo 1 by Korax & B.Radius


Download (1m:04s / 7.19MB XviD)

If anyone has either of the original files, I'm sure it would be appreciated if you could upload them to one of the many free file hosting services (if you don't have your webspace/host), such as FileFront, RapidShare, FileFactory, FileLodge or similar so that the CIC can archive these works before they actually become lost to the community.

Thanks again for looking!


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Interesting. As a hobbyist 3d artist and a WC fan I naturally have a great fondness for fan created animation clips, I have most of them on my varying hard drives but I don't think I ever saw either of these clips that you've referenced. I hope someone else has these items and can restore them to the community.


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I lost that hard drive last year unfortunately. :( Probably do have it backed up on a CD somewhere, but that's on one among hundreds I might not ever get to checking. If someone else can find it, that'd be good.


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distressingly i dont have them, i do have a couple of random old videos though that might be of interest, naturally i dont claim any ownership but if anyone wants me to upload them then i can do:

some 3d animated blacklance and borderworlds logos
a flyby of the cerberus
a salthi attacking a clydesdale
a video by Ace-1 i think with an animated earth, some music playing and a poem on the bottom
the intro to "final conflict"
an animated flyby of a fleet
an animated clip of the phas transit cannon on the concordia taking out a starbase
3 piranha flying by
a clip of a sabre flying round a living room
a clip of a living room with a door that leads onto the concordias flight deck
(those last 2 are a bit wierd!)
the "snipers war" trailer
"the long cold winter" trailer
and my personal fave "WC advocacy" a flash movie which plays out like a wc1 debriefing but discusses the killing of WC by EA

edit: just realised that the original topic was many eights ago, still the offer of this stuff remains


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Even if nobody replies here, lots of people will look at whatever you put up.


Mr Kat says...
Yeah, it'd be neat to look at these.

I remember a couple of them, but some I don't recall, so a download link or at least a YouTube link would be great. The Sabre flying round a living room and Concordia flight deck ones have definitely piqued my interest, amongst others. :)