Scottish Star Trek

Hey if you ever wondered what Star Trek in Scotland would of looked like then here's your chance! Go to Taysiders in Space which will show you Scottish Star Trek!
p.s. You might not get the jokes at first but you'll end up finding them funny.
p.s.s. Bond fans can see a preview of Casino Royal here
Another good kontraband (but not Chewin' the fat) vid is called "Car wars"(I think) which was made by the dead ringers folk which is also a laugh!
TopGun said:
I love Dead Ringers
My Fellow Amradillas. We are know in a time of terror where osmenie Bin Ledden is still hiding. I'm now going to call my secret team of Arnold Schwasanigger and the Termenator as well as that Commando who looks like the Termenator and anybody else who looks like Arnie. his Secret team has hunted down the preditor so it can hunt down Bin Ladden! Eh hir hir hir hir hir hir hir
p.s. Thats not bad for a George W Bush laugh at the end!


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More Dead Ringers quotes:

George W. Bush: [addressing the US nation] My fellow Uma Thurmans...

George W. Bush: My fellow umbrella stands. I know many of you will be astonisherated that the former Iraqer Defence Minister Sultan Akhmed, who surrendered in Mousehole on Friday, will not be charged with war crimes. But there is a very good reason why the CIA has granted Sultana Bran immunity from prostitution and that is because he has promised to lead us to Saddarm's weapons of mass destruction. What he has already told us about their location explains why we haven't found them. Turns out we've been looking in completely the wrong place. He says to find Saddarm's penguins of mass destruction my troops must first cross Jezaloor Gorge then press deep into the Fanghorn Forest. Beyonce that lies the Bridge of Kazad-dum and the fiery mount of McMordor where he says our quest will be at an end. Just as soon as we find this Gandalf guy, we're all set!

George W. Bush: America kick butt. Last one to bomb Syria is a Frenchy.

George W. Bush: My fellow Invertabrates, this week a major incident reportedly took place at sea, during which Colin Powell captured my battleship. Oh yeah, and we also raidified that stupid North Korean boat as well. As a result, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong, announcified that he would be resumerating their nuclear program. A program I condemn, because it threatens to de-salinate the region. And also because it's a program that has not once featured the Fonz. But be warned, King Kong. Like others before you, should you threaten New York by climbing the Empire State Building, then my fleet of bi-planes will have no choice but to oblitifry you from the face of the Earth. God Bless Pancakes.

George W. Bush: Are you watching, Daddy? My fellow umbrella stands. We got him! After nine months of searching, we finally located where Saddam had been hiding all this time, in a filthy Spiderman in the ground. Discoloring Saddam's whereabouts is a momentous achievement, because this means now we can move to the next stage. Now it's my turn to hide!

Obi-wan: [talking to a used car salesman] Yes, I know it's got six months' road-tax left, but will it take me to Alderaan?

Obi-Wan: I require passage to Aldershot.

Frodo: Oh, wise Gandalf, where will my quest take me?
Gandalf: Young Frodo, you must travel across the Misty Mountains, through the perilous forests of Fangorn, until at last you will set sight on Ithilien.
Frodo: And when I get there, shall I find the One ring? Shall I bring it back to you?
Gandalf: No, just get 20 Silk Cut and a box of matches. But don't tell Bilbo, he thinks I've quit
TopGun said:
More Dead Ringers quotes
Mine wasn't a quote! I just made it up with things George W Bush would say!
Here is a good real quote any way

A George W Bush Assistant:Ehh Mr President I've got the chinese on line 2!

George W Bush:Ok I'll have the number 42 with egg fried rice!

Assistant: Ehh no no ehh the chinese goverment, the one who are holding our spy plane

George W Bush:Well why didn't you say that in the first place. That's the problem with guys that have dirrived from Washington. Your only wisidcome vocalization leaves a lot to be disractated. Why can't you people speak in an uncomplicatoried manner simply constrocted like the sentances spoken by the embody of the presidential opposite the president which is myself?

Assistant: Ehh Mr bush we've tried to put things across in ways you would understand. The fridge magenets worked quiet well didn't they?

George W Bush: No! I have it with you losers! I'm temonlating your employment as the current presidenterminuated as of this current in ministered! Do you understand?

Assistant: Ehh I think so sir but who's going to replace us?

George W Bush:As a mater of fact thanks to my good friend Tony Blair the Prime Minister of the United Kingland of England, he's find me a man who's auditorial skills marks him out in his suitablity for the post! Here he comes right now!

John Prescot: I'm respect here as much as I am here and not there! I you'll think the president agree with me on this one and I'll just say this and I'll say it again!

George W Bush: I really had to beg England to obtain his services but after 10 long seconds of agonizing haggaling Tony finaly let him go! The stabilzation of the free world commanded by me couldn't be entirly in safer hands!

John Prescot: Ohh mr president your right out of my mouth took the words again!


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scottandfiddle, feel free to leave the political commentary on another board, particularly when you're trying to be funny about it and failing miserably.
Death said:
scottandfiddle, feel free to leave the political commentary on another board, particularly when you're trying to be funny about it and failing miserably.

Ehh we're actually talkking about a British show which takes the piss out of polotics (mainly British but they do a great George W Bush!) which, funnaliy enough, is called

TopGun said:
Dead Ringers

I have never actually made a politcle opinion in this board! Just quoting someone impersionanting (or in one case impersonating the impresion) of George W Bush!
If you can find any piece of text in this thread which is me actually giving a political view then I'll take this all back but untill then don't moan at something that hasn't happened or wasn't said!
p.s. check the vids at the top of this thread! You'll like them!


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Im pretty sure the guy is from Scotland but his spelling is indeed atrocious (and English is his first language:) ... unless its Gaelic, which is highly unlikely)


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Edfilho said:
UGh, I can't separate the joke from the bad spelling. Is is on purpose?
Paddybhoy said:
Im pretty sure the guy is from Scotland but his spelling is indeed atrocious (and English is his first language:) ... unless its Gaelic, which is highly unlikely)
Ok, admittedly scottandfiddles spelling isn't great, but it's not that bad and the Dead Ringers material he has made a reference to ( wars) is Fantastic! "Car Wars" is a particular favorite of mine. Check out some of the clips on: before you pass judgement.

P.s. Death, incase you got the wrong impression, the majority of Jon Curshaw' work is not about the American president, though this board has focused on them, probably as those impressions are some of the funniest he does (though that may be a UK culture thing ....)