savegame wc1 -> wc2 (ks)???


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err, i havnt found anything bout that when i searched the board....

i tried to transfer my savegames from wc1/so2 (ks) to wc2 (ks), but it just doesnt work. when i click "wing commander" it says... damn, i cant remember :D ... something like "not found". same thing when i click on "dos version of wc". i copied the savegame.wld to c:\, \gamedata and into that directory where wc2.exe (and so1...) is. didnt work. is there ANY way to transfer my gamestat to wc2 or do i have to use a savegame editor?

and is it any use at all??? as far as i can remember, there arent any medals in wc2. so only the kills are interesting...

anyway, THX
It seems clear to me. A WC1 save game can only be used with WC1 (i think), unless the format is the same. But in the save game file, the data is other. Once i copied my SO history to my WCP dir. The files are the same, but you f**k up the game 'cos it will try to run the SO missions.

I think you mean the profiles. That work with copieng it to wc2
well in wc2 theres an option right at the beginning. you can create a new profile (i think) and transfer an old one. but this just wont work for me!
That's strange, but i never tried it. I have now WC2 but i need something like Memmaker or QMEM to run it.

Maybe this is just a bug in the game, or your version.
It's a bug in your version. Kilrathi saga can transfer savegames from WC1 to WC2 if you leave them where WC1 saved them and don't screw with them at all. If you had to, or if it won't work unless you do, something has gone wrong.
ok, i tried that and figured out, that WC2 accepts only savegames from WC without Secret Missions. i dont know why, but thats the fact.