Saga Cruisin' Along (November 28, 2010)


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The WC Saga mod is still refining capships, and they've posted pictures of their "final" Tallahassee cruiser model. The forward gun and missile launchers are now well defined and the entire ship has gotten a texture makeover. Check out more pictures and background info on the ship here.

The Saga team is proud to show the final version of the Terran heavy cruiser. The Tallahassee-class is a vessel that has been a staple in the Wing Commander games and a fan favorite. We see one such vessel, the TCS Ajax, serve as an escort for the TCS Victory in Wing Commander 3. One of the staff’s favorite moments during WC3 was when the Ajax fought and destroyed a Kilrathi heavy cruiser in a ship-to-ship battle.

Original update published on November 28, 2010
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Looks seriously fantastic folks! You guys have the lighting down awesome! I love the look to the metallic surface 'sheen'.
They have also released shots of the yorktown class light carrier some weeks ago. The flying box with engines looks great too.
As nice as these are...when is there going to be something to play?

There have been quite a few "final" versions of ships over the years....what's holding up the rest of the game?