Role Play All Day (August 15, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Well that's cool! I thought outside of the long since dead Pioneer I didn't think I'd see a design of mine running around out there. The Hunchback looks really good! I like the colors!
@BradMick, I would love to add more of your ships into the game, any places I can find some to doodlefy?

I would like to add: I am a huge fan of the hunchback, I added it to the game initially as a one off joke since there were two of them doing a tractor beam pull. (Something to confuse the European fans)

The two main rules of the game I follow:
1- Fanservice above all else except for
2- rule of cool. If you can describe something cool enough, it'll happen.
I should attach this too:

The hunchback vdu image.