Prophecy Deluxe?


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So I finally went out and bought Prophecy on ebay for $20 after shipping. Just a couple of questions. Is there a deluxe edition (I'm not referring to gold) with the 3 cd roms and a music cd? And does Prophecy run easily on XP? The last bit really doesn't matter I'll just have to dig out my 98 machine over summer and play the sucker. Here's the auction: This is actually going to be the first Wing Commander game I have ever really owned. A friend loaned me WC 2 but I could only play like 5 missions before my jury rigged machine didn't like it anymore. I've played through Secret Ops though thanks to a certain undisclosed website and I'm guessing the ships might be a little weaker.

It was probably a bad idea to buy this game b/c I've got a Renaissance Term paper due in like 2 weeks... but oh well

I bet a WC collector around here has this. Is the music cd good?

God bless everyone and may we all pass school, Amen... lol

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Prophecy Deluxe is relatively rare, and a lot of people don't know it exists. I think a lot of people have gotten the game soundtrack, but the single is not as readily available. The 16-page hintbook is neat. In fact, if you have a good scanner and some time, I don't think anyone's put that hint book online yet.


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Awesome, I always seem to have decent luck with ebay. I bought a $1,000 blue soprano sax for $450 a couple years ago.... but anways

Ok, I'll scan it off and try to make an adobe acrobat or pdf file sometime.


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yeah i have the deluxe version; was £2.99 at the local asda (wall mart) back in 2000 i think, and there where tons of them.

Also had a cool fold out on the front of the box showing the TCS midway and all the fighters in the game. I think the hint book has a hillarious advert for the soundtrack - "experience the new world of industrial dance!" or something similar


Are you sure the box with the fold out is the deluxe version? I picked up a box like that as soon as it came out in the US when I went on holiday there, but I didn't notice anything special about the things that came with the game. When prophecy started showing up in the UK it seemed exactly the same as the one I had bought abroad, except most of the boxes didn't have the fold out.

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All the boxes fold out - the only difference between the ordinary version and the deluxe edition in terms of packaging is that the deluxe edition has a sticker on the front.

The Deluxe Edition is odd -- it was originally a Sam's Club Exclusive... and they didn't show up in stores until a few weeks after the game came out. I'm not sure anyone interested in Wing Commander enough to get the deluxe edition was willing to wait all that extra time before playing the game.