Privateer: The Devil's Copy?



I've been searching the CIC archive and came upon this 2001 bug report from my long time friend Tecoflager. Since I've never seen it mentioned again (and because I think it's so hilarious) I've decided to resurrect it for the new people so they can ponder the mystery for themselves.

Basically the issue is this. Flager owned a copy of Privateer and then something happened to it so he bought a new one. And out of the blue he started hearing the game asking him for his soul! Yes you read that right, his soul. He was speaking to Sandoval, the man gave his speech, offered him a certain amount of money, and then suddenly the voice said "FOR YOUR SOUL!". Wav file is included in that report he made five years ago.

So it's probable one of the programmers was having a little fun during Privateers development. We'll never know for sure if Flager's copy has more oddities because, in his own words, "Once a game starts asking you for your soul, you just kind of stop playing."

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Well, what I hear is "for yourself", but this edit seems a little sloppy for Origin standards. If *I* were to input a little easter egg that said 'For your Soul', I would make it sound much more menacing, wouldn't you?

It's not unusual, however, for Origin to put some weird and wacky stuff in their games, just for a laugh. My impression is that the programmers, or the sound recorders were getting bored and wanted to have a little fun. :)

As an example, here's a little strange bit from Ultima 7. At the end of the game, if you watch the credits scroll, there would be a very strange voice at the very, VERY end of the credits. Noticing that it was obiously a backwards recording, I broke out my hand-held tape recorder, and taped it. I then put it back into Windows Sound recorder, and played it backwards--here is what came out:

When I first played this (alone and at 2A.M.), I think I jumped clear out of my chair! :eek:

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Joe Garrity
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I agree with Joe, it sounds like "For yourself" and I'm 99% certain that those words are the exact words from the script in the game that I played.