Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

Can't find alien base

I'm on the last survey mission to Delta Prime, and there is no alien base at Delta Prime. What's up? I see from reading other posts that it is possible to get the alien gun, so what am I doing wrong? Do I need a patch or something to make this work?
The base should be there. Land on it and you will find the gun.

If the base is in fact not there, it is a bug.
The base will only be there if you're doing the ES missions. if you just go to Delta Prime out of the blue, not only there is no base, you don't have the fuel to jump back.
TheWendigo said:
....and about those Kilrathi being allies. As wierd as it may sound, that is not a glitch. That was possible in the original so, in order to follow suite with the first, I think it SHOULD be retained in the game. Besides, I like having a career where I'm a traitor to humanity, being the Kilrathi's slave. And it made finding the secret Kilrathi stash a bit easier too ;).

Yes, I can second that, it was quite funny to be friendly with the Kilrathi. And I also think it SHOULD be retained in the game.

There was a secret Kilrathi stash??? Where?
There was a secret Kilrathi stash??? Where?

If you knew, then it wouldn't be a secret. :)
Here's a hint: Poke around in the Cat systems past the blocade points. Be prepared to dodge a lot of asteroids and Kilrathi guns.
Missing alien base

spiritplumber said:
The base will only be there if you're doing the ES missions. if you just go to Delta Prime out of the blue, not only there is no base, you don't have the fuel to jump back.

I am on the last survey mission from Cross in Rygannon. I had to get past a whole carrier load of Kilrathi fighters (too many to fight, I ran for it)

If I can reproduce this, is it worth checking the save file for errors? Or just re-install the game? I did try flying to Delta Prime earlier, when I saw the Jump points were all maped, and just as you said, there was no base and I was short on fuel so I self-destructed and loaded an earlier saved game.

' Killed New Constantinople, umm, Shouldnt It Be "Not-Kill-Able"?
'm Runnin Out Of Feds To Kill (bug?), Is There Some Way I Can Up Population of
'The Militia Accuse Me of Smuggling Brilliance When I Only Have My Stash of
Smokes and Ultimet.
'Militia Already Engaged In Combat (attacking me) and they start to do a scan
for contraband, (bug? ; if they already attacking why do a search?)
Mission from Tayla to constantinople to deliver contraband she installs a 25 unit cargo space that is none detectable by scans: this cargo space is not being installed!
Galaxy bugs

1) When getting the turrets option for the Galaxy, If I purchase 1 turret and locate it
on the top of the galaxy I can have it switch to the bottom at random times.

2) there are problems switching to the turret. Alot of times the hud display for your eject pod comes up instead of the turret. The only way to get the turret to come up is to go back to the Galaxy cockpit display then hit the "]" key again to go to the turret.

This is extremely frustrating in a number of ways: When trying to get your tractor beam working while the flotsum of space is close by

When you are trying to defend yourself and the enemy is on your 6 blasting the b___ off you.

Trying to hit the "]" key immediatly after going back to the Galaxy cockpit sometimes does not register and may tak 2 or 3 tries before you get to the chosen turret.

Regards Quixotal
I found a very serious bug, at least on my game. Whenever I pick Basic Reapir, my weapons and accessories are repaired, but my armor is not. I've found the 'Fix' button, but it still does nothing.

Also, how do you make a new game?
@ Fatcat: as far as I understood, u can load the new_game.savegame to start from the beginning.

I have some troubles with the broadsword:
the afterburner-bug was mentioned before, but also with the turrets:
The broadsword is supposed to have 3 turrets, ech facing in on direction of the ship (left,right,back) buti can only buy one and this one's no facing back, but to the left(or right... im no sure right now) but not to the back, the other turrets are with lasers from the beginnin.

I'd like to buy three turrets! (OK two turrets with lasers and one to buy freely is ok but not as cool as three fusion-turrets ;) )

About the speed/reactor/shields of the broadsword:
I don't get it! the orion is heavier and as fast as the broadsword? mhhh....strange, also the broadsword is able to carry shield5 but only reactor 3.... u will run outa energy fast even with small guns. and we're talking aout a military vessel, normaly these always should be able to fire their guns.
So my suggestions:
either make the broadsword faster and mor manouverable and give it a smaller shield (maybe 4 and reactor 4)
Or give it a bigger reactor and shields like the orion

But still the broadsword ist too slow with its heavy handling (worse than the orion)
Load game exploit

There's an exploit (not technically a bug) of the load/save game system.

Once you load a game, the mission computer generates random missions. Now, every time you load, the missions are different. This allows you to load, reload, reload, reload... until you find a specific mission.

A nice workaround, I think, would be to store the random seed in the savegame. This way, the random missions would be generated identically every time you load. And it's simple, elegant. Hey! I like the idea.
I have read through most of the bugs and forgive me if i repeat some.


1) When flying to a base quickly with afterburners on when you land it does not play the base's music it just plays victory music until you do stuff for a few seconds then it starts.
2) Sometimes the enemy ships fly backwards for a prolonged time
3) The missions should have more balanced credits, with a 7 nav point scan giving about 4000 credits while a rescue with 1 bandit guarding giving 47000 credits.
4) Sometimes the enemies come very close to you and circle around you until you either stop circling or use the Shelton slide.
5) Yes, Demon is too strong
6) New constantinople pays 0 for brilliance, in many places i bought commodities for 0 credits. Also could not sell to some particular bases because they bought for 0 credits. Just random holes in trading code i guess.
7) What happened to manuevering jets being damagable? Enemies are deep red and still manuever like they were undamaged. Same with player ship.
8) Somestimes the bartender talks about a person sitting right next to him.
9) ASTEROIDS are way too fast moving, not dense enough, they clip into each other, and they do not damage you enough.
10) Enemies can clip through bases.
11) You can dock at any place at non-planet bases, not only the indicated places.
12) Pressing D once does the same thing as 0 does if not too close to the base.
13) Torpedoes are a bit weak.
14) Pentonville should show up after you have visited it once.
15) Maybe its only with the demon but after Tayla makes that compartment you can't buy cargo space upgrade.
16) Energy goes all the way down from afterburners but you still fly at top speed and can even shoot.


1) My opinion is the matching speed should be taken out because it is too buggy and
would take a lot of work to correct.
2) In-system missions should give 50% or more credits
3) The Shelton slide should either be limited to about 5 seconds or to make it waste energy or to limit it to non-afterburner speeds
4) Sequential Shield and Reactor upgrades, to get level 2 you need to buy level 1 for example.
5) Add 3rd armor type from RF and make it very expensive.
6) Retros and Kilrathi should always be enemy towards you unless you want to make Kilrathi bases which would be cool.
7) Adding Nebulae, Neutron Stars, Stars that are close enough to fly to, Black Holes, black dwarfs, Random Big asteroids would make battles interesting.
8) Some of the female voices esp. those of the pirate female hurt my ears whenever i hear it, maybe replace them with better ones.
9) Re-adding the INTRO and some of the other cutscenes would be cool.
10) Should get a set amount deducted when landing at a base for refueling/parking. maybe 1000 credits?
11) Aborting missions should cost you some money also.
12) Relations between factions fluctuate way too fast, should take longer to build up reputations.
13) A lot of AI are either extremely hard to kill such as demons or some kilrathi while others just fly in a straight line towards you such as talons. Make the hardest AI easier and the Easy AI harder.

I hope this helps you in making a better version I look forward to the next one.
Thanks for remaking this great classic.
Fatcat said:
You can get a Broadsword? Tell me where and my life will be complete.

You can buy the Broadsword (and other Confed ships) On the larger bases (Perry for example) when you get into the Righteous Fire part of the game (after you "beat" Privateer you get to continue. Sorry that is vague but don't want to get into spoilers)

Sadly the Broadsword is currently very buggy.

You can also buy Capital ships (Drayman for example) when you get into RF for a mere 1,200,000 creds before outfitting ;)
Some things i forgot:

1) There were no asteroids in the delta prime system in the original i'm almost positive.
2) There were no ships at all in the delta prime system in the original, not even the drone.
3) The drone only first appeared when you jumped to Gamma not before you even picked up the Steltek gun.
4) The steltek gun sounds like a plasma gun, i liked the old sound better, more original feel.
5) I dont think i ever saw pirates in the greek letter systems only kilrathi and maybe hunters i don't remember.
6) The derelict base had gaping holes in it. It looks polished and bright gray like it was brand new. It was almost black. The shape of it is very good, just add big holes and change its color to much darker.
Tingerhoff/Destinee storyline serves as potential interference and corruption/failure of original campaign, if you visit Tingerhoff at the right (wrong?) time.
Icehawk said:
You can buy the Broadsword (and other Confed ships) On the larger bases (Perry for example)...

Hmm, I cannot buy any ships on Perry, the list is empty.
Perhaps that is because I attempted to talk to Terrell (before I started the Privateer Missions (i.e. Sandoval))?

That is, when I first visited Perry there were Ships (including milspec (why that?) and the Demon)
Buggy repair interface

Hi there. There's a bug in either the repair interface (ship dealer) or the damage model. Some items cannot be fixed. Precisely, my autotracking.

What happened: After getting enough of a pounding to make almost everything damaged and not so much as to get me killed, I noticed my autotracking was not working (That's great, I love that since it makes fighting quite realistic - every hit pains you deep inside since you know you're loosing something). Anyway, I found a base to which to dock, and so I did. I (obviously) went right into the ship dealer's office, and repaired every system manually. I noticed that "autotracking" was not there, either damaged or not. But the guns were damaged, and since "autotracking" is a mount enhancement I though that may have been the reason why it stopped working (NOTE: perhaps autotracking did get fixed, but not the guns - but it doesn't seem so). I also repaired all hud damage by using Basic repair (since it's the only way to repair hud damage - I don't know if it was intentional or just a bug).
Anyway, after that and some other housekeeping, I went back into space. The first fight I ran into I noticed my autotracking was still nonfunctional. I tried everything (even tried hitting 'k' several times - who knows, I could have turned it off). The only thing that made it work again, was to load a previous savegame.
I'm giving all the details I have so that it's easier to find the bug, since reproducing the situation may be difficult (most of the time, you get killed when they hit you that hard).

Another thing is with armor. Once, I got hit so hard that all my forward armor was gone (ALL OF IT, the stats said 0 MJ). After repairing it, forward armor was still at zero. I had to sell the ruined one and buy another. Now, I'm not sure that's so wrong. I mean, it does look like a bug, but it actually makes sense (there's nothing left to repair, it's all gone). But perhaps it should be formal: the ship dealer should tell you "This item is damaged beyond repair. Buy a new one", instead of making as if (and charging as if) he repaired the armor and not leave it as good as new. This principle of "damaged beyond repair" could apply to many things. Mostly delicate electronics, like sensors and ECM, that kind of stuff that is so expensive also.

There's another unrelated bug that's present in the Windows version: after ALT-TABbing to desktop (or pressing the Windows Logo key to open the start menu), and returning (after a while of doing other things) to the game, it crashes. From my experience, in DirectX, it's almost always due to lost surfaces. In OpenGL, I'm not sure why it would happen. But, I bet it has something to do with the graphic engine. Since (I think) Privateer Remake uses SDL, perhaps this is an SDL bug.

I'm looking forward for the 1.1 version release, with all the bugfixes (I think you should release a 1.1 version with bugfixes - Don't you?). Without all the bugs, this is a helluva game. With the bugs, it still rocks.
After installing this game, I try to rn it and get all sorts of errors.
1.In the concourse, the mouse moves very slowly and jerkily.
2. In space, the ship will not settle down and will not respond to the controls. I can't dock anywhere.

I am running an AMD3200 with a ATI9500dv video. Any ideas