Privateer paches


I got the paches to fly the Dralthi and Stiletto fighters in privateer from HCI.
The pach gives me the Terus ship on the landing pad everytime I land.I've tryed to buy a nother ship but every time I take off I get a memory error and my computer gets locked up.
Does anyone know how to change ships wile useing these paches?

Thanks for any help.....

On the landing pad, your Dralthi/Stiletto will still look like a Tarsus. And in flight, it will still have the same old cockpit. The difference is in the way the ship looks on the outside, and the stats.
Is there a way to change the tarsus to a diffrent ship in the pach?

For example (changeing it to a galaxy class ship.)

There are save game editors. They should let you change your ship, and if not, they'll at least let you get a lot of money so you can by the other ships.

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I have a save editor but even when I change ships with the editor or just buy a new ship when I take off I get a memory error.

Uh... the whole point of the fly-a-Dralthi patch is to fly a Dralthi. If you want to fly other ships, I think you have to remove the patch.
I believe there was a problem with the Privateer Editor when you tried to use it to change ships. The best way is to just give yourself enough money to buy the ship you want. You did backup your savegames right?
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Yeah, i've backup by save files.
But I don't want to remove the paches I just want to change the ship that you get stuck with whit is the the Torsus or whatever.
How do I change the torsus to a nother ship wile useing the paches?

Thanks for your help

I think that would involve hex-editing the patch files, though it might be as easy as changing the patch's file name to one of the other ships. Sorry, but I don't know.
I don't think you understand, Iceman. HCl made those patches specifically so one can fly the Dralthi or the Stiletto. But they're really only there for you to have the occasional joyride. They are not for normal usage. It's not something that you install in the way of an add-on. Hell, it would be a fairly useless add-on, since you can't buy a Tarsus, and therefore you couldn't buy the Stiletto or the Dralthi. So, if you want to switch to a different ship, you will have to remove the patch first. I'm sorry, but the simple truth is that nobody has really gotten to the point where they can make real add-ons for Priv. The patches are there so you can do a bit of what-if'ing, that's all.