Privateer Music Extraction help??


In reference to Privateer and Privateer: Righteous Fire

Does anyone know what program is needed to extract the music files out of Privateer's Priv.tre and Rf.tre? I have tried Game Audio Player v1.32 without sucess, only being able to extract the speech/sound effects files.

I know several sites have Privateer music, but I prefer the actual music played during the game to the many downloadable 'dressed up' versions, and would like to extract them directly and convert them to MP3.


Rick Hoover
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I think the MIDIs on are fairly accurate. And no, I don't know how to extract them. Remember, the original Privateer used MIDIs, I’m not sure about the CD Gold Version.


I know how to convert MIDI to MP3 (that's what I did to create the Unknown Enemy music), but to actually extract them, I'm not sure. I don't know if it works with the older games, but you could try HCl's treman to extract the files. If you need help converting them to MP3 once they're extracted let me know. Because they're MIDIs, it's not as straight foward as converting say, a wav file to MP3.


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The Privateer original Enhanced CD-ROM uses MIDI for the music... it's only have hundreds of megabytes more voice files than the original floppy disk version.