Privateer 2:The Darkening for Win95 Question


I just purchased a version of Privateer 2: The Darkening for Windows 95. It will not install on my computer. I am running Windows XP. It says I don't have enough space available. The game requires 33 MB and I have 17 GB. Is there any way to fix the problem? I sure would appreciate some assistance on this problem.

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Have you tried running setup.exe (the installer) in "Windows 95 Compatibility Mode"? I'm 90% sure this will solve your hard drive space detection problem.
Create the directory where you plan to install P2 into, BEFORE running the installer.
All wrong (dosbox is a good idea but much too slow (!)
1)The problem is that old dosgames use two different kinds of emulated memory
Ems and Xms if i remember correctly.
2)Furthermore they need some "main memory" free. (dont think that was necessary with Priv2

Therefore you need to change the config.sys for true dos (reboot in dos mode)
/ config.dos (for the dosbox in win95 mode)

First make a safe copy
then make sure that
devicehigh=C:\windows\command\emm386.exe ram 8000

Remove all unecessary drivers in autoexec bat and config sys.
This means only leave soundriver, mouse cdromdriver ( mscdex in autoexec.bat and another in config sys (reconizable as it got a drive letter assigned)

All written from memory as i got winxp now so maybe not utterly corrrect
but just google a guide if u got a problem. Config.sys and autoexec.bat are keywords
Last posting is wrong.

The Windows 95 version needs no Dos.

Cff told the right thing: Create the directory before running the installer.
Maniac, if I understand it right he does have the Windows version of Priv2 - so booting into any DOS mode will not help much. DOSbox for the Win95 version will also be of not much help.

OmerGod, try the other hints first - if all else fails, there's still the way to create an additional partition on your harddisc and just make it small enough for old installer routines (~100 MB should be enough).
Privateer 2: The darkening (Windows 95 cd-rom) installation for Windows 7

1. Create folder c:/dark (required)
2. Create folder c:/dark_cd (for faster installation)
3. Copy the cd content to c:/dark_cd
4. Download "slowdown" -patch:
4a. OPTIONAL - download Game Manual: 2 - The Darkening - Manual.pdf
4b. OPTIONAL - download Reference Card and Map: Darkening - Quick Reference Card and Map.pdf
5. After the cd content has been copied to c:/dark_cd,
check all the boxes in Install.exe compatibility tab. Press Ok.
6. Install the game.
7. After game has been installed, copy patch.exe (from to c:/dark and run it.
8. In c:/dark -folder, check all the boxes in Dark.exe compatibility tab. Press Ok.
9. Play the game.

Hopefully this works for everybody!
Hello, I have done everything Glasmo said for the installation but I am having one problem. The mouse always locks up in the nav map screen. Just the clarify the planet screen as i believe it is also known. So I can't even get the first mission done. I've heard just jiggle the mouse around but that doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?
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Try using F -key (find) to write destination manually.