Privateer 2 problems with Military


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I'm replaying PRIV2 and can't remember - once you've managed to annoy the Military is there any way to get back in good standing? You cannot depart a Navpoint (that does not contain a jumpgate) if there are any enemies present so it seems hopeless...
I could just keep shooting the fighters and wait for any Capship to eventually jump out...but if there is another way I'd like to know.


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
Nope. No way. I also don't think Military usually jumps out, so you'll probably have to kill them. Which otoh doesn't have any long term consequences.

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If you fly far enough away from the jump point, you can leave again -- it takes a long time, though.


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I've noticed that rank (and presumably difficulty) increase with the number of kills scored. I've still yet to finish P2 though, I played a couple of plot missions, but then got side-tracked with other games, plus work...