Privateer 2 - No CD?



OK, does anyone out there know how to trick priv2 into just using the hard disk instead of asking for the CDs? I've copied everything from the CDs into the C:\dark folder, changed CD.DAT to have three lines (1, 2 & 3). This works for CD1, but not 2 or 3 (drats). I've trolled through most of the other files in notepad but cannot find a potential area where the CD request may reside. (I'm now about to try using cd1.dat, cd2.dat etc). Has anyone tried this (and succeeded)? Advice, help appreciated.


I tried it some time ago (my dvdrom sounds like an airplane taking off :rolleyes: ) but it wasn't successful.

Then I tried a different approach. I made cd images, installed a virtual cd rom tool and used the images with this tool. It work's perfectly with switching tasks to change the image when the game asks for the next disk.

Oh - I'm using the Win95 version of Priv2.


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Yeah, how are you running this? Windows version? DOS in DOSBox? Setting up something like Daemon Tools to separately mount and simulate the three discs sound like it might be the easiest.