PR Versus Origin's Privateer map discordance


First off: I've played and helped beta test 4 or 5 previous betas versions and pre1.0 versions, and after a short vacation away from Gemini space I came back to the Official v1.0. It has been a masterful job - a great improvement even from the most recent pre-release. Thanks.

One persistent question: Are variances between the number of Privateer Remake (PR) map nav points and the original Origin Privateer (Priv) there by design, limitations of the VegaStrike engine or oversight of a relatively minimal divergence? Are some asteroid fields counted as Nav Points without an official nav point numerical designation; ie- "Natural Phenomena" versus "Nav x"? The same variations occur in the presence and placement of the asteroid fields. Are some fields added or moved around to make for an improved gameplay? Most of the changes are variations of the maps as they appear in "Privateer Playtestesters' Guide" from the original 1993 game.

Examples of variations I've noticed:

Delta: 5 nav pts. in Priv, no asteroids; 4 in PR with asteroids

Beta: 5 nav pts. in Priv; 4 in PR

Gamma: 5 nav pts. with 1 hidden in Priv; 4 in PR

Delta Prime: no asteroids in Priv; asteroids in PR

Blockade Point Alpha: 5 nav pts. in Priv (the Playtester's book is wrong, at least for the CD-ROM version); 3 in PR (exactly as shown in the Playtesters booklet).

Maybe it goes back to the "make-it-just-like-the original" versus "let's-make-it-better" debates. If this is the case, I'll go back to my room without supper or television priviledges.

Once again, thanks for the great effort and game. Had I paid for it, I wouldn't have been disappointed. I look forward to v1.1.


glad you enjoy 1.0
and 1.1 will not be disappointing--we closed a bunch of little gaps...and Destroyable asteroids are going to be a reality-- we're still tweaking them to be tricky enough yet fun to fly through--but you *can* destroy them in the current version to be released...

as for the system mistakes---I'd appreciate it if someone went in and fixed the broken system...they're pretty easy...sectors/Gemini/*.system
maybe mamiya can fix these since he knows the coordinate system better than any of us


Beta, Delta etc were not done by me. I'll get them for 1.1.

(I've only done the systems that were available at the beginning of the game. Those that were available (like Blockade Point Alpha) were mapped out from within the game, and should be pretty correct, though I might have goofed; I'll check it out. Thanks!

Happy Camper

I have a couple of nav point related whines so I'll just say that overall I think the privateer remake is fantastic and I love the new interface for buying cargo and for selecting missions. However I do have a few gripes about the nav map and nav pounts.

In the original privateer you would go to a certain nav point and in the game missions, you would encounter 4 or 5 enemies at once. Now because some of the nav points have gone, all the ships that should attack you in smaller groups attack you all at once - which is very irritating. For Murpy's missions in Palan I had to edit the properties of centurion to give me more shields because it was impossible otherwise.

Also in some systems the not all the nav points show up. e.g. in Oxford I only get the jump into XXN-1927 and not the jumps to Shanghila and Saxtouge.

The ones I have found so far are:

and Palan.

There are probably a few other ones as well.


I can almost gaurantee there are no missing nav points in the systems I've done (I do have all the maps, see below). By that I mean every nav point that shows on the in game map is in the remake. If you mean certain enemies attacked you between nav points in the original and none appear at that point in the remake, this is true. But all jumps, planets, bases and nav points (like nav 8 in Troy) are there.

You might want to try zooming out with the mousewheel. Occasionally the map will start off zoomed in a little too far. Or cycle through them with the 'n' key and you'll find all the nav points exist.

Concrete examples of exactly what nav points are missing are welcome.


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