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Made the same experience...a whole system full of Paradigms and Broadswords. I guess my framerate dropped to 1 or 2 and then I got attacked by pirates. There was just one thing left to do: <ESC> <Q> :(
@ alf

if you have the right armament.........

bwahahahahahahahaha *murderlook*

Pliers :D


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Thank you :D sorry for the buggyness... WCU is DEFINITELY not ready for prime time yet. But thanks to the feedback I can fix stuff :)

And, HAHAHA. Try to drive the Steltek Fighter around sometime. :)
spiritplumber said:
It would be kinda cool if the game became more and more like Wing Commander Armada as you gain more power...

It sure would be, but Armada strategy was turn based. Maybe turn based could be done, but it would never feel very well integrated. It would really need to be RTS to feel right. Merging a 'first person perspective/individual' game (single player or mutliplayer/MM) with an RTS doesn't seem to get done very often, and when it does it is only on the small scale, with small maps. To have a large scale well emulated dynamic galaxy running while you play as either an individual and/or a general/emporer would be amazing. Alas the idea seems to pop up now and again on various games, but never gets implemented because it is hard to implement. Not impossible, but hard. Is there any likelyhood vegastrike would be able to support something like this, ever???
Yes. The reason why I'm having so many problems with the autogen is that i'm trying to do exactly that.

Also from now on I'm going to release 2 files for wcu -- one big file with the graphics and one smaller file with the updates which happen more frequently (AI, autogen etc.)
pliers said:
I noticed the same in Freya. There is no Jumpnode to Agea but from Agea to Freya there is one..... strange
:) this is simply because there is no jump to agea entity in the Freya.system file. Adding a jump node in one system doesn't automatically add an equivalent node in the other system. It's an easy fix at least.

That screenshot of yours is amazing. The fleet of broadswords looks rather menacing :p

And yeah, you got why all the ships look the same size :) If in WCU you have a Paradigm, when you landed it would look the same size as a Tarsus, but we know it isn't. It's not so much of a problem with Privateer, since all the ships are fairly close to each other, but it could cause some interesting effects in WCU :D
I just got done making it so you buy maps by sector instead of by quadrant... @_@ hard work, I had to write a little recursive thingy to figure out what goes where, instead of punching every system in by hand like it was before.

now the ugleh part is make it so you can only buy certain sector maps in bases of certain factions... pain @_@;

Anyone up to draw a Kilrathi base/planet? (Mainly just the fixers and the bartenders, I can do the rest).
MamiyaOtaru said:
If in WCU you have a Paradigm, when you landed it would look the same size as a Tarsus, but we know it isn't. It's not so much of a problem with Privateer, since all the ships are fairly close to each other, but it could cause some interesting effects in WCU :D
Presumably a capital ship would not actually fit on the landing pads we see in Privateer; I assume in a more complete version of WCU we will have a different place to land cap ships.
I thought cyberion made a bunch of nice kilrathi planets--not sure htey have bases on them yet...

spiritplumber: the best way to get help in making WCU is to start a CVS repository with all the privateer and WCU files committed...
the best way to do that is to use the already established and get a free account with
then once it's activated I'll add you as an admin...
then you can use version control--and it'll be tons easier to a) get help and b) track bugs

for more information about cvs check out's excellent documentation..we'll help you through any rough bumps...
but it's just impossible to collaborate on somethign when it's a huge zip file sitting on someone's computer... billions of times easier when it's a cvs or svn repository like vega strike and priv remake have

That way teh now-free priv remake team can help you establish your wcuniverse :)
Tried the link at the top, didn't work. File not found

And with all these little sub-patches floating around, I think someone should write an install manual :eek:
the Privateer Remake install manual:
Run the .exe

If you install a bunch of other stuff, it isn't exactly the Remake anymore, you'd need a Not Quite Privateer Remake install manual.
Clearly once you've finished playing through the campaigns
We encourage and ask you to try various patches out there and help us develop them
but until then it's best to try the exact version of the game that we released as 1.0 :)
It's a matter of having a "player is piloting a capship" flag and showing a different landing screen when the flag is on I guess. No biggie except I can't draw it >_<

(new WCU release up tomorrowish, I'll split the download into data and code since code gets updated a lot more often and is a lot smaller)

You have a point manual wise.... that's my responsibility. For now WCU is in the very experimental stage, so if you want to just play, don't get it for now ^^;
That's what I meant, the Not Quite Privateer Remake install manual :p I think I can handle installing the remake, but the thing is that the remake still has about two hours left to DL and I'm hoping someone will tell me what and where to get the WCU stuff (assuming that's the correct way to refer to it) so I can have it handy when I want to get to it.

(yes, hellcat, I promise to play the base campaigns before I start playing with the patches)
Wait a day for WCU please. What it does is:

*lets you run around the span of the wing commander universe
*lets you fly a couple more ships
*generates more "life" in space, different ships, occasional capship battles and so on
*a couple of weapons that weren't in priv but are in other wc games (nothing super powerful, no worries)
Hmm... this "wait" you speak of, would that require patience? Because I'm not good at that :D

(The WCU idea is what originally got me to start paying attention to the priv remake. I have a number of things I'd like to see for it, but I'd like to see what it has so far before I write a 5-page brainstorm essay)
I started a new game, just to see if I've missed something by applying these wcu-patches afterwards... And quite bizarre things happened.

Starting a new game in "WCU-universe" isn't certainly for beginners, there was constant fighting going on in Troy and I thought it was best just to stay away from Da Big Boyz circles with my barely upgraded Bathtub. But few strange new things I saw... Pirates seem to have all kinds of ships, including Tarsus, Orion and Galaxy? Certainly didn't see this before, Talons and Draymans were the only pirate ships.

3 pirate Orions were stationed next to a merchant mining base and shooting at it endlessly with theis lasers/massdrivers etc. Mining base of course wasn't affected by such a small arms fire. Looked funny.

I was completely neutral with every faction and got into a fight with pirate. Destroyed him and this seemed to piss off confed Broadswords who immediately attacked me! Didn't know 'feds being such a good pals with the pirates, or is there some kind of corruption-factor included?-)

Or perhaps my Privateer installation is messed up after hassling patches and savegames back and forth...
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