OK YET MORE stupid questions...


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Is there any way to 'resurrect' my fan fiction reader passwords....I noticed they popped up at the start of every mission but didn't write them down...anyway to find them? I am up to chapter 5;


I FINALLY managed to save 'Dauntless' & we fought our way to the next jump point & jumped through...but then a whole fleet of Nephelim jump in behind us & it looks REALLY BAD...so did I take a losing path or is the mission supposed to end in a 'cliffhanger'?


@First: The problem is that the passwords are linked to your mission success. Without knowing how you did you'd get wrong fiction.

@Then: I am not sure where you are in the game, but if you played around 5 missions (and more importantly lost Beauford station), then yes, you hit the loosing end of the game. But in this case the game should be over - no more missions and you'll have to restart from the beginning anyhow.
Is the game completable without the Fralthi, though?

Edit: Sorry for major threadmancy, it's a bit late.
Yes it is, but you will get different missions, flying different ships.
I completed it without the Fralthi and was surprised to find out that there is a whole other path that involves keeping the Fralthi.
I'm replaying UE and only now found out you can get B ending even from 10A by losing the Fralthi there.