Ohio Entomologist Finds Possible Evidence of Life on Mars


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Ohio University Emeritus Professor William Romoser analyzed a number of photos from various Mars rovers and found insect-like and reptile-like forms in the images, appearing to verify that life exists on Mars.

Are these Martians?


Perhaps a fossil:

from: https://thefederal.com/news/ohio-university-expert-finds-evidence-of-life-on-mars/

A skeptic:
Scientist claims to spot insects on Mars, but I think they're just rocks
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A retired professor (that's what emeritus professor means most of the time) from a pretty low-ranking university making insane claims because he literally... recognized patterns in rocks? Maybe the camera should have pointed upwards and he could have recognized shapes in clouds as well.
Yeah, those mostly just look like rocks... also I'm pretty sure Mars animals wouldn't be Earth animals. That said I thought we'd already found traces of Martian life? Like ancient bacteria in an old rock or something?