Oh noes! Yous guys are been spam-a-lot'd!


Rear Admiral
...complete with jaw-droppingly bad spanglish and formatting nightmares!

Always cracks me up.
If it wasn't for captchas and stopforumspam.org, there would be more spam here than real posts. I've made a few adjustments that will hopefully keep them at bay again.
Damn it, Kris, I'm holding you personally responsible when I have to pay full price for p1ll5.
And with your order of Cialis, we will throw in this tube of hair growth which will make even the hairest of kilrathi growl in jealousy and approval when you are sporting a full mane. Increase your package and decrease your heating bills with this stretch and grow promo! Act now!
It looks like all XenForo installations are getting flooded with spam today. We've temporarily turned off guest posting in tech support and news forums, and new accounts will require manual confirmation for the time being.
That taunt always confused me. I mean, aren't we pretty much talking either/or with those two actions?

Well, if you take it literally, yes. In this instance, it means more "rip your heart out with our teeth and spit it out" but it doesn't have the same ring. It technically is a grave insult since spitting out food is a sign of dislike and distaste. It's when killing them isn't enough, but you need to make their death un-heroic and the like.
Hadn't really been seeing the spam up until today. Hate these buggers...we must get at least a hundred spammers a day trying to sign on to the Starflight boards. Awful fun putting the hammer down on them...