Oh Jeez, what's he done now...

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Greetings, me again, crawling out of the drain to present my newest creation. Not Wing Commander themed but it does contain a WC cameo, hence I post it here.


Basically I'm trying my hand at online game reviewing, and this is the first episode of 'Vague and Unhelpful Reviews' (Yes, that's actually what I called it.) For those that care, it contains a sliver of bad language and some slightly fuzzy violence.

The first game in question is Mount and Blade.

Plywood Fiend

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Gah, forgot to update hereabouts.

If anyone's interested, I've two new reviews done and uploaded,

One for Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption: (Be warned of slight grisly moments in this one)

and one for Anachronox: