Nintendogs Version Thread


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Alrighty, looks like they've announced which dogs will be in which versions of Nintendogs. They've added three dogs and grouped them differently compared to the Japanese versions, so this might've changed from what you were planning on.

Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever will contain the miniature schnauzer, toy poodle, Pembroke Welsh corgi, miniature pinscher and shiba inu.

Nintendogs: Chihuahua will contain the German shepherd, boxer, cavalier King Charles spaniel, Yorkshire terrier and Shetland sheepdog.

Nintendogs: Miniature Dachshund will have the golden retriever, beagle, pug, Siberian husky and Shih Tzu.

The Boxer, Husky and Golden Retriever puppies are exclusive to the US version.


Pet the pup, acquire and play with more than 100 items like tennis balls, flying discs and even clothing accessories. Teach your dog to do tricks by creating your own personalized voice commands.
Train your pups well and compete in obedience and agility trials. Win these competitions to earn cash, which you can use to buy supplies and even more dogs to keep your first puppy company.
Walk puppies around the town to meet neighborhood dogs or interact wirelessly with friends’ Nintendogs using the innovative Bark Mode.

For me it's between the German shepherd/Yorkshire terrier in Chihuahua or the golden retriever and Siberian husky in the Dachshund version.. Hmm.


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
I'm pretty much set on the Daschund & Friends now.. After looking a bit closer, all six of those dogs are pretty great, which each of the other versions has a couple dogs I'm not too into. I think I'll start with a Husky.