[News] German Ad Translation


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
The scan is too small/low res for me to make anything out besides the upper yellow headline. That one translates to (roughly):

Last year Origin set a new standard in the world of computer gaming...
Now they want to do it again.
Wing Commander II

The rest is partially guesswork (some words are not readable):

Upper right corner (as far as I can read it):
Wing Commander gives you the feeling to be playing in an movie. Its without competition - PC [????]
This is the definitive candidate for the game of the year. Wing commander is one of the most thrilling games ever released - [???]

Lower left corner:
* Complete new graphics - implemented using the most modern 3D techniques
* Dynamic intelligence - the better you fly the better your enemy does as well
* Totally new challenges - new spaceships, equipment and much more.
* Instant replay - View all movements from the ego perspective
* Digitized speech - each character has its own voice.
* An experience like in the movies - you are the star in this story

PS: That is the ad for the stupid FULL GERMAN version I am STILL looking for someone who could replace my Disk 8 for... :-(