New Wing Leader Lounge Feels Like Home (June 1, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Howard Day has an exciting new room to share aboard his custom Wing Leader carrier. The ship will be a light carrier on duty in the WC1 era, and the atmosphere is perfectly recreated in this new environment. It takes some talent to make something brand new that fits right at home with the scenes that we know and love, and Howard's nailed it here once again. See the familiar berths/save slots tucked away in the back left. There's still a lot of manipulation going on in the foreground, but here's the latest progress as well as several WIP/behind-the-scenes shots of the area in progress.

Freaking insomnia continues to break my brain. You get Wing Leader artwork out of it, though, so... Yay!

Original update published on June 1, 2021


Is this actually a full fledged game project or just some proof of concept stuff? I love Howie's work but I can't quite tell