New Poll Takes a Good Look at Academy Ships (May 21, 2023)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
It's time for us to swap out front page polls, and the new one is a logical choice. We're asking what your favorite Kilrathi design recreated for the Academy television show was. The were five (or six) fighter/bombers and two capships that made the jump, and they all look pretty sweet, so take a moment to consider which looks best to you. The Strakha is a bit of a questionable once since it's more of a "stealth Sartha" in this case. We did exclude the Carrier/Destroyer/Blockade Runner/Transport, since it's a unique design that simply borrows some design elements from familiar WC3 ships.


The old poll asked about the Confed ships that appeared in WCA. For some reason, the Hellcat was massively popular with double the votes of the second place winner. It's kind of funny because the ship only appears in the simulated combat from the pilot episode. Oh well, people like what they like!

Original update published on May 21, 2023
Didn't know about the poll archive, that's really cool. That being said, this was the first poll the hellcat won.
I'm not familiar with the ship designs of the Wing Commander 1 and 2 era. That's why, I don't see me in the right position to vote for one of the choices.