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Check out my new avatar. This happened at a high school in Colorado, I think.:mad:


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Which is just as well, meisdavidp, as Ripper is about >< that far from winding up with a new avatar not of his choosing, in the form of a mop-wielding anime chick, under rule #10 of the forum rules.

Disregarding the forum rules, once is amusing. Twice is repetitive.

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It's understandable that someone would be excited about getting an avatar... and we're certainly glad that people contribute to the group so much... but the rest of the world really, really doesn't care when your picture changes.


Quite so...being able to choose an avatar at the CIC is a significant milestone but to start not one but two threads to "brag" about your new avatars is a tad attention grabbing and unneeded.


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What kinds of things did people who didn't meet the posting requisite do to earn their avatars, out of curiousity?


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service above and beyond the call of duty I believe, as well as getting on the admin's good side, and possibly being around for ages.

(Basically, while the forum software can auto-promote you, the admins can always override tha. So getting on their good side helps.).

... so how much do I owe this month, LOAF? :D


All your belief cannot absolve your sin.
I was just curious about what some examples of "service above and beyond the call of duty" have been in the past.


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meisdavidp said:
I was just curious about what some examples of "service above and beyond the call of duty" have been in the past.

HCl got an avatar for getting Wing Commander Armada to work online, getting Prophecy multiplayer to work, establishing much of the knowledge base for modification of the Prophecy/Secret Ops engine, creating the Wing Commander movie player, making high resolution patches for Prophecy/Secret Ops, making an alternative method to generate a serial code for Secret Ops registration and solving numerous critical WC game bugs for issues such as Prophecy's video skip, Armada's joystick calibration and Privateer 2's frame rate limiter breaking, among other things.


All your belief cannot absolve your sin.
Oh it happened then too... I just didn't know he'd done so many other things, too.


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Lt.Death100 said:
Aren't you the same guy who opened a different thread on your carrier avatar?

Uhhh.... yeah.

But that was only because I had a great big red "I CAN HAVE AN AVATAR NOW!!" put on me by someone else, a Mod, I'm thinking. So I felt some kind of announcement was in order, since I finally figured out how to put one up, and found one I liked.

:eek: This thread, my latest f-up, is kind of a by-product of another forum I've been spending a lot of time on lately. There, lotsa folks make a big deal about changing their avatars around. They even do it for Valentines, St. Patricks Day, etc. I kinda did this one in that mindset. Sorry. Won't happen again. It'll just change without fanfare from now on.:eek:

Anybody heard any good jokes lately?:eek:


Now I gotta voice a concern here, Seing my countrys flag being disgraced like that is qutie offensive. If what you say is indeed true that the pic is from a school in colorado why has there not been somthing done about it? This sounds like the under intelligent berkly protests! It is indeed against the law in this country to burn our flag ( unless done by an honorgaurd in the proper ceramony) fly ANY OTHER flag Higher than our own, and many others. All I want to say is if you dont like my country use our freedom and go back to your own. if you like it here great stay but dont do things like that , follow our laws and never ever disrespect the millions who have died for that flag over the many many many wars fought for this country to maintain freedom. thats all I gotta say about that. Im sorry if I offended anyone.


All your belief cannot absolve your sin.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and contrary to apparent popular belief, that doesn't protect anyone from having an opinion imposed upon them. Extremists and moderates have equal say. I know nothing whatsoever about laws governing uses and abuses of flags, so I'm not going to say anything about that. And yes, as the song clearly states, "This is my land. This is your land..." etc. All that said, I still find remarks like:
jaeger said:
All I want to say is if you dont like my country use our freedom and go back to your own.
to be somewhat egoticious. Furthermore, while the US is "bringing freedoms to coutries that need'em" the government is chipping away at our own freedoms subtly. I find this a little weird, don't you? I'm saying this not in hopes of sparking a flame war, but rather to provide a more moderate perspective and maybe learn something myself. Speaking of which, jaeger, do you have anything in the way of a link to those laws about flags? I think my school's probably in violation of a few... our flag has been up 24/7 for at least 2 semesters now.

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