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And speaking of lengths, and the tweaking thereof, I've scaled down the Southampton somewhat to where it makes sense, for my purposes. Now about 340 m, a little shorter than the Exeter, but beefier. Otherwise the windows scale out to be over 1.5 m tall! Not to say that the cannon sizes don't have merit, it's just that sometimes they don't work for me. :)

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If you look at the Scene Flash is on route to the Victory the destroyers are shorter then the Talla. In the WC4 cutscene with the tanks and then the shot the Vindicators come back one Southampton is above the two Talla cruisers and look about half the size. But ok. No more about that :)


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definitely a new wallpaper!!! Holy shit thats beyond words level awesome!

gods I hope to see these ships in a WC mod for SC.. I wanna launch off that Hakaga


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If there's a bright center to this universe, you're on the station that it's furthest from!

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Another exciting day at Action Central! :D

I love all the little details bringing the station to life. A nice retouch on a mostly ignored little starbase.


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Nice Kilrathi WIP and an awesome redo for the station :D Part of me doesn't like the motion blur because you can't see the models in all their glory. But imo its a nice dash of realism/immersion.


Man, these models and renders are amazing!!!

If you ever do a picture with all of your fighter and shuttle models to scale with a full top-down view, I will immediately print that as a poster and put it on the wall!


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The Hhriss will not darken your skies because we corrupted them.

A few cycles is all it will take. Their strength will crumble to dust, their power will turn to bitter ash. Their structures will not hold shape.

Eventually, the Kilrathi will know the reasons why. We will not survive.

We pray that you will find this message. That a million years from now you might finally learn the terrible price for this small, unknown victory. That you might remember us.

The final gasp of the Varni was one of defiance. We pray it was not in vain.

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